Abigail Shapiro: The Untold Truth About Ben Shapiro's Sister (2024)

Abigail Shapiro, aka Classical Abby, is the beloved sister of the famous political commentator and host Ben Shapiro, but it is not why she is famous.

Abigail Shapiro successfully runs a YouTube channel that has garnered more than 100K subscribers under the name of Classical Abby, but that’s not it.

Abby is a lady of many talents; she is YouTuber, social media star, actress, model, and media face from California. So how does she manage so many careers as a married woman?

Read the article to find out!

Quick StatsDetails
Full NameAbigail Shapiro
Known asClassical Abby
Date of BirthNovember 08, 1992
Age30 (as of November 2023)
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California
ReligionConservative Jewish
EducationCollege of Southern California
Height5.7 feet
Weight60 kg
ProfessionYouTuber, social media star, actress, model, media face
YouTube ChannelClassically Abby
YouTube Subscribers100K+
First Movie RoleA Light for Grey Towers (2007)
TV Series RoleGlee (2012)
FatherDavid Shapiro
BrotherBen Shapiro
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseJacob Roth
Wedding DateMay 28, 2018
ResidenceReston, Virginia
Instagram@ClassicallyAbby (97k+ followers)
Facebook@ClassicallyAbby (11,169 followers)
Twitter@classicallyabby (83k+ followers)

Table of Contents

  • Early Life And Family
  • Education
  • Physical Appearance
  • Career
  • Gay Criticism
  • False Breast Reduction Rumors
  • Abigail Shapiro Family
  • Social Media

Early Life And Family

Abigail Shapiro opened her eyes to the world on Sunday, November 08, 1992. She will be 31 years old in November 2023. Hailing from Los Angeles, Abigail was born in a house where performing arts were taken seriously.

Abigail Shapiro: The Untold Truth About Ben Shapiro's Sister (1)

When she was growing up, she saw her father play the piano, which led to her developing a love for music.

Abigail started practising music at the age of 16. Seeing her passion for music and performing arts, her father enrolled her in opera classes as a Hanukkah current.

She is also a practising Jewish, as her parents are Conservative Jewish.


Abigail studied in the local high school in Los Angeles, and after graduating from high school, she got admission to the College of Southern California.

Then she moved to New York and studied a three-year course in classical singing and opera at Manhattan College of Music, New York.

Physical Appearance

Abigail is blessed with fair flawless skin, black eyes, and brown hair of medium length, which further enhances her beauty. She has 5.7 feet in height and weighs around 60 kg.


As we already mentioned, she is a lady of many talents who can manage her career with her family life as a wife.

Acting Career

In 2007, she starred as Miriam Aronowitch in the movie, A Light for Grey Towers. This movie revolves around a girl, Miriam Aronowitch, who fled to England with her mother for a better life, but when they reached there, her mother fell ill and was forced to live in an orphan house.

In 2012, she played the role of a golden globe singer in the television series ‘Glee’.

Singing Career

Abigail always wanted to be an opera singer, and her father fully supported her ambitions.

Abigail Shapiro’s father, David Shapiro, uploaded two YouTube movies of her appearing in opera on January 31 and February 25, 2014, under the title of “hi there! Oh, Margaret, it’s you” and “Adieux de l’hôtesse Arab”.

YouTube Career (Classical Abby)

On January 31, 2019, Abigail Shapiro created a YouTube channel under the name of Classically Abby. She loves to post videos about her lifestyle as a conservative married lady.

Abigail also posts videos about makeup, fashion, and lifestyle videos. Within a year (2020), she accumulated more than 9,500 fans on YouTube.

Shapiro uploaded a video on April 17, 2020, entitled “Why YOU should get dressed modestly || Get the eye you deserve,” in which she encouraged girls not to wear revealing clothes.

Over 1.2 million views, 132,000 dislikes, and 19,000 likes were generated by the video over five months. Now she has over 100K subscribers on her channel who love watching her videos.

On April 17, 2020, Shapiro uploaded a video titled “Why YOU should get dressed modestly || Get the eye you deserve,” which implored girls to no longer dress in revealing clothing (shown underneath). The video gathered over 1.2 million views in five months, 132,000 dislikes, and 19,000 likes.

However, on August 05, 2020, socialist YouTuber Vaush uploaded a video criticising Shapiro and complaining about ads selling on her channel.

He uploaded this video under the title of “forestall displaying me commercials For Abigail Shapiro I don’t Care Please”. This video quickly gained public attention and earned 187,000 views and more than 600 remarks.

Gay Criticism

Abby often became the target of online social hate due to her relationship with her brother Ben Shapiro. As we all know, Ben Shapiro is a TV host and political commentator famous for his conservative reviews.

Ben Shapiro’s Sister, Abigail Shapiro, is not the only one targeted by the public due to his views. His maternal cousin, Milly Shapiro, a famous actress, faced criticism due to Ben’s political views.

The issue was raised In October 2017 when Ben openly shared his views about the LGBTQ community and called them sick and psychological dysfunction, further saying that “hom*osexual activity is a sin.”

Ben also claimed that they should not be allowed to raise children. He shared these views through his Twitter account after Supreme Court legalized marriage equality.

He wrote,

“Let’s just skip all the suspense: SCOTUS should just declare a Constitutional right to whatever the hell they feel like that day,” and “Same sex marriage will never affect you. By “you,” of course, we don’t mean your business, church, school, or raising of your children.”

Source : Twitter

Moreover, he also gave reviews about American Invasion in Afghanistan and said,

“One American soldier is worth far more than an Afghan civilian”

After these views, people rushed to Abigail’s YouTube account to protest against his ideas. Within days, her YouTube video comment section was filled with hateful feedback and rape threats.

One user wrote to her,

“I wanna Rape her, cut off her head, and send it to Ben”.

Another one wrote,

“Ben Shapiro Now Using His Sister’s Khazar Milkers to Bring All the Goys to the Yard.”

Because of these comments, Abigail suspended the “commenting privileges” on her YouTube channel. She also explained the reason for her actions and said,


False Breast Reduction Rumors

In the start of 2021, Shapiro post on her Instagram about her breast surgery, and she added the “#breasthealthawareness” hashtag underneath her post.

A few fans misunderstood this post, which led them to believe Shapiro was undergoing a breast reduction.

To clear the air, she wrote another post on her Instagram in which she clearly stated that there was a lump on her breast and that she was going through a procedure to remove this lump.

She said that it’s not anything critical, so do not worry! My nurses were excellent, and the doctor became top-notch. Everyone handled me by making me comfortable.

The procedure was so easy (except for the part wherein they positioned the IV in my hand – for a few purposes that became the provoking part). Seemingly it became such a smooth technique they were capable of getting it executed in ten mins! I was under anaesthesia, so I don’t forget that I am in no pain – even without medicinal drugs.

Abigail Shapiro Family

Abigail Shapiro is from a family that is rich in performing arts genes. Her father, David Shapiro, is a pianist and composer.

She is the sister of Ben Shapiro, who is often known as the editor of The Each Day Wire, an American conservative news and opinion website. He also hosts the podcast under the title of ‘The Ben Shapiro Show.’

Her Husband & Kids

Ben Shapiro’s sister married the man of his dream Jacob Roth On Monday, May 28, 2018, at a private ceremony.

The couple met each other in 2017 and started dating, and after realizing they were meant to be together, they got married.

Her husband, Jacob Roth, works at Younger America’s Basis’s national headquarters in Reston, Virginia. Abigail moved to Virginia after she married, and now they live in a beautiful house there.

Social Media

As a social media celebrity, Abigail Shapiro is always active on social media and loves to comment on important issues in her eyes.

Abigail has more than 97k followers on her Instagram page, and these numbers are going up daily. Her Instagram is under the user name of @Classically Abby.

She is also active on Facebook with the same user name @Classically Abby and this page is followed by 11,169 people around the globe.

Classical Abby also uses Twitter under the name @classicallyabby as a platform to talk about different issues faced by women all around the world.

Her Twitter account has more than 83k followers who love to listen to her opinions on different matters.

Abigail Shapiro: The Untold Truth About Ben Shapiro's Sister (2024)
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