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>> they could of set the whole park on fire. oakland broke a record and tomorrow will be the hottest day of the whole seven-day forecast. we will take a look at that and we will look at one other feature from this heatwave that, in itself, is record setting. what it finally will go away. the forecast, coming up. she took over a bookstore from an ailing friend. now, this oakland business owner is facing her own health challenges and her readers are stepping up to help big time. >> it's been heartwarming. it made me feel like people want us here. cbs news bay area with juliette goodrich >> thank you for joining us at 7:00. yes, day four of our extreme heatwave. we are counting. it is safe to say most of us are ready for a change as we head into the weekend. well, the normal summer fog is returning to the coast. inland areas like antioch are still getting stifled by the triple-digit

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heat. darren peck is here with the range of temperatures that we saw today. >> yes. let's start off right there. looking at today's day time highs and setting the stage for what is coming tomorrow. one of the numbers that stands out is oakland. you broke the record with temperatures climbing into the middle to upper 80s. san francisco at 81, did not break the record there. we really need to keep the focus out here. the inland/east bay communities. the temperatures are still in the lower 100s. tomorrow you are going up, perhaps, 4-5 degrees. so, a quick snapshot takeaway. tomorrow hotter than today, and tomorrow it is likely going to be the hottest day of the next 7. for some of us tomorrow could be the hottest of the heatwave going back to tuesday anded with that could be some of the inland valleys, concord, livermore, antioch. you are still very much in this tomorrow from the intensity of the heat and then it is going to keep going for several more days. it is heat warning staying in effect until

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wednesday. still, of next week. when we get back together again we will look at what the heatwave is constructed of. what is going on with this intense ridge of pressure off of the coast. why it is record setting in itself. and then i am going to show you how it finally goes away and when it will happen. >> the heat was too much to take for a firefighter that had to be treated for heat exhaustion while responding to this fire at the goodwill. it happened this afternoon. if you live in the area you may of noticed the black smoke. our chopper flew over the scene on north 7th street. you can see books of fire and everything. at the exact same time this afternoon, firefighters this was at watson park. kids were shooting off fireworks around the time that the fire started. >> it was not just the illegal

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fireworks. as devin fehley shows us a city-sanctioned fireworks show got out of control. the irony that even the city's sanctioned fireworks display somehow got away from them. that the combination of heat and dry grass and a firework was enough to spark a fire. the flames rising out of cunningham. >> there were a few fire that we could see. for the most part. >> reporter: city councilmember says thankfully firefighters were stationed nearby and were able to put out the flames before they were able to spread. >> there is no foolproof of fire display that is why we plan with the professionals and have the fire department on hand quickly contain any minor

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brush fire that may come out. >> reporter: the fireworks display was the first ever benefiting the city's east san jose community. the hope was that it would discourage illegal fireworks and cut down on accidental fires. an irony not lost on the councilmember >> yesterday, thousands of families came out for a city-sponsored fire department-sanctioned event. >> it is impossible to reduce the risk of a fire to 0 >> i think they could have been more cautious due to like all of the dry grass. because they have a lot of dry grass they could of set the whole park on fire. >> fireworks and other stuff that fall in that category are dangerous and it could really put this land all in danger and people's lives. >> the burn scar along the lake is unmistakable but the councilmember says he does not want it to mar the memory of an event that sparked a few small

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fires that quickly were extinguished but sparked a tremendous amount of joy and community in a neighborhood in need of it. >> for the first time in the history of san jose a fireworks display in san jose occurred where thousands got to enjoy a large part a beautiful fireworks show. >> there you have it. firecrews had their hands full. this was the scene where illegal fireworks were popping off right behind firefighters trying to put out a brush fire on michelle drive. and, this may be no surprise, research shows that more fires spark on the fourth of july across the country than any other day of the year. why are they legal in fire prone call california. >> and only those that meet our

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requirements. >> they say projectile firework that we saw a lot of last night are illegal across the state. plane allow safe and sane but their level of safety matters on how you use them. elsewhere in the state, thousands remain evacuated as a number of major wildfires continue to smolder. we are talking about the french fire, burning near the entrance of yosemite right now. it has grown to more than 900 acres since it ignited yesterday. the flames are threatening homes northeast of the city of maraposa. forcing thousands to flee. it resulted in three firefighters being injured and four structures destroyed. the temperatures reached 108 degrees there. still, firefighters managed to increase containment to 20%. now, some evacuation orders

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have been lifted allow something to urn. for many, it is not the first time they have had to leave their homes because of a wildfire. >> this is my second time. i had two neighbors jump in, let's go. i told them i am not ready to go yet. i am hoping nobody gets hurt. a lot of us get relocated. bit of good news today, highway 140 between maraposa and yosemite reopened. 2,000 firefighters continue to battle the thompson fire. after breaking out on tuesday the blaze spread across 3700 acres northeast of oroville. forcing widespread evacuation. fire officials report that two firefighters have been injured and 25 structures destroyed. with containment now at more than 50% the fire spread and it appears to be largely halted. all right, turning to other news now. president biden, he gave his first interview since last week's debate in an

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exclusive interview with abc news anchor. the president, again, trying to explain his poor debate performance so, take a listen. >> he he it is ongoing way i am going. they do not hesitate to tell me if something is wrong. >> that interview happening today. we will have to wait to see if the president's interview did anything to dwiet the skeptics, the voices out there. biden still gives democrats the best chance to beat trump and anne makovec has more. >> reporter: from democrats in other states rose louder asking president biden to step down. governor newsom on down, mostly staying the course. >> so, what if biden demonstrated he is san old man. so what if biden demonstrated

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that he can not remember things? he is not a crook. the other guy is. >> the other proven option that we have that has beaten trump and that has delivered for the american people is the biden/harris ticket. i, for one, believe that this president will move forward and he will be able to win. >> speaking of vice president harris, one of our political experts just weighed in on that possibility saying her numbers are about as low as president bidens. >> she has been a target of a campaign to diminish her candidacy. as someone who studies this, it has a lot to do with her being a woman and woman of color and tap into those bias. >> reporter: if the democratic party skips over her they can not do it. these are names brought up to replace the president if he is going to step aside. >> newsom, and the governors of

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michigan, pennsylvania and illinois. but, the bottom line, though, it is that it would be difficult for democrats to even try to replace biden unless he, himself, chooses to step aside. >> what would a scenario look like if they try to overthrow him as a candidate? >> it could get complicated. democratic rules say the delegates that biden won in the primaries are pledged to support him. the dnc could change the rules but unlikely unless biden is leaving the race. a new candidate would have to lobby delegates to get their support at the convention that is august 19th. >> the clock is ticking, too. all right, anne, thank you very much. saved by loyal readers, the story book ending for an oakland -- bookshop that faced double dose of issues. trying to prevent a skating event from happening at all k. they stop people from showing up?

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it has been a difficult time for small businesses around the bay area from crime concerns to declining foot traffic. an oakland bookstore owner is among those fighting to stay afloat while also facing serious health challenges. now, the community she shared stories with for decades is rallying to protect the place that is a positive part of the city's narrative. >> oh, new baby. that must be sister bear. >> or honey bear. >> they are spending a cozy afternoon tucked in the children's corner of a bookshop in oakland's mount claire village. >> did you like that one? >> easy to see how you can spend hours in a great good place for books. the store owner has been reading books since her age. she started in the morning in her local coffee

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shop but loves how books can take her outside her own world. >> it transports you to a different place. you can be stuck here and within five minutes you are in long island, new york. >> she had her own plot twist. when she started working at her friend's bookshop nearly 20 years ago. she agreed to take over the store, if anything happened to her friend. never expecting it would. when her friend died just six months later kathleen kept her promise and made the bookstore her own. treats her customers like family who know they can turn to her for a good book recommendation and a personal touch. >> all of my kids i can walk in and they will tell me which kid, which book she recommends. >> what are we talking about? >> set in ireland in 2008 when the financial crash was. >> oh, really? >> now, kathleen is turning to her customers for help. two

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years ago kathleen got a serious case of sepsis that nearly cost her her life >> then i found out i have cancer, a challenging couple of years. she has been cancer free for a year but just as she gets back on her feet, the book business is also trying to recover from a tough post pandemic environment. book sales fell nearly 30% in 2020 according to the u.s. census bureau data. surviving means getting creative. >> you have to know when it is time to ask for help and it is time. >> and author and close friend of hers started a go-fund me campaign to help the store. in less than a month it nearly reached its goal of raising $50,000. >> it has been heartwarming t. made me realize that people want us here and we get to be here. and, it is exciting to know that there will be a next chapter. >> a chance to keep sharing

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more stories with customers who know that it is the people who really make this a great good place for books. >> talk about community support. she says the store had a good last couple of months. the money raised will make up for parts of the year when sales are slower. all right, probably a good weekend to stay in doors and read a book. let's go to darren peck to find out how we can cool off with these triple digit heatwaves. >> i have an important side note that i want to talk about. it involves the air quality this morning that took a nosedive for some of us. thanks to the fireworks last night. did not hit all of us equally. i want to explain y. the wind streams are slowing uses there is san onshore influence right now. san francisco, 71 degrees today, thanks to the influence. but, follow the wind streams, look where they tart going. working their way down the south bay like this. and, as a result whatever is in the air

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out here like say from the east bay with last night's fireworks displays and they start moving all of that stuff to the south. then it gets together in the south bay. look at it. effectively a giant bowl down here that is good at trapping stuff. look at the air quality readings this morning. there is a pattern on there. there is a grouping of air quality readings showing up along the peninsula and pooling up in the south bay. that was this morning. if i show you what we look like for the afternoon it has gotten better. but, that was as a result of particular matter coming off of the fireworks. looking at the air quality readings, smoke, haze, bam, a spike. each one of these bars is an hour. there is a six hour period where it was unhealthy. three of them in hazardous. think about that, three hours of hazardous air

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quality. the time of the year when we don't need any of this stuff. and every fifth of july it will be like that. be good to your lungs this time of the year. what is causing it and how do we get rid of it. visualize the intensity that is responsible for the heatwave what we have to do is look at the atmosphere differently. there is a big ridge of high pressure. look at that exageration. everything is going up and over the big block. and perspective another way. that is to use the map that uses the climate record going back to 1979 and it looks at the intensity of high pressure centers off of the coast. what the map is telling us is that for this particular time of the year, early july, for that location, what we have

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out there right now is the strongest. and this is what is driving it. this is the good news. looking at it in a forecast sense. what will it likely look like on sunday. not that far away. let's advance it now. going from today, labeling, put sunday on here and look at where it is going to be and we are not there yet. looking at today's day time highs. these numbers are just about as high if not the hottest for this duration, we started the heatwave on tuesday. we are still looking at saturday with temperatures just about as hot. that is why we have the heat warning that stays in effect until wednesday. but, tomorrow, it is the worst. it will get better after tomorrow there is improvement coming. you still have a heat advisory that goes until the middle of next wednesday. i will show you what it means by it is about to get better. take a look at the map.

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seven-day forecast and sure, we got to focus on tomorrow. this is for the inland microclimate. look at sunday. 10 degrees cooler. that is a big victory. 10 degrees cooler is still just about 8 degrees above average. then, you petty much stay in that neighborhood. look at where you are wednesday, thursday, this is why that heat warning is not expiring until wednesday. it is not so much as the individual days, the individual records, oakland broke the record. not many falling. it is the amount of time that we are dealing with the heat that has the long-term impact. so, just go easy on yourself

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add a sweet cream iced coffee for an extra buck with any breakfast item between 6 and 11 a.m. at jack, every bite's a big deal. welcome to jack in the box! . a shooting suspect in a road rage incident on the bay bridge is now in custody. thanks in part to the city's new license plate recognition flock cameras. 42-year-oldemerson was arrested after he shot at someone on the bridge. officers were able to track down the suspect through the new license plate readers recently installed by the state. this was the first arrest made using the new cameras. san francisco police stepping up road controls. they are preparing for the annual hill bomb event that sees skateboarders race down the

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street at break neck speeds. they are trying to prevent a repeat of last year's event when officers ae. to break up the crowd. clashes -- officers tried to break up the crowd. clashes started. they are asking would be hill bombers not to show up at the park tomorrow. no fireworks, no problem. the

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. there was a colorful show in the sky over lake tahoe. instead of fireworks exploding the display was all droned. images of skiers, swimmers, plunging into the lake. that, be you can not do that with fireworks for sure. all 300 of them lit up in the colors of

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the american flag. the company says the goal was to prevent the waste created by regular fireworks shows. look at that. we will leave you with those images, thanks hey, flex. considering there's a heatwave, it's kinda chilly in here. oh, that's because i'm pre-cooling the house with the ac before 4 pm. then i'll turn our thermostat to a comfortable 78 or higher that way i could stay cool later. ooh, what about me? you're never cool. oh.

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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] steve: how y'all? appreciate

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