Haunted Mansion Showtimes Near Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall (2024)

1. Haunted Mansion | Movies - Phoenix Theatres

  • Haunted Mansion. 2 hrs 2 mins | PG-13. Inspired by the classic theme park attraction, “Haunted Mansion” is about a woman and her son who enlist a motley ...

  • Get showtimes, watch trailers and purchase tickets

2. Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall

  • Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall. 555 John F Kennedy Rd #105, Dubuque, IA 52002. 563.556.0077 Virtual Spin Tour. « Wednesday. 12/11. Wed. 11. Dec. Thursday.

  • Phoenix Theatres offers a first class movie going experience with family friendly prices.

3. Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall - Dubuque - Fandango

4. Phoenix Theatres Entertainment: Home

  • Browse the latest showtimes & movies now playing at Phoenix Theatres Entertainment and reserve your tickets online in advance today.

5. Phoenix Theatres - Kennedy Mal - Phoenix Theatres

  • Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall. 555 John F Kennedy Rd #105, Dubuque, IA 52002. 563.556.0077 Virtual Spin Tour.

  • Phoenix Theatres offers a first class movie going experience with family friendly prices.

6. Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall in Dubuque, IA - Cinema Treasures

  • The theatre was closed in May 2007, but soon re-opened as a first run cinema under independent management renamed Mindframe Theaters. It was taken over by the ...

  • This was a replacement of GCC's Kennedy Mall Cinema 1 & 2 which had opened inside the mall in 1970 (and has its own page on Cinema Treasures). The...

7. Movie Reviews - The New York Times

  • By Glenn Kenny. June 27, 2024. Read Review · Find tickets · A Quiet Place: Day One. PG-13; Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller; Directed by Michael Sarnoski. The ...

  • Our film critics on blockbusters, independents and everything in between.

8. Kennedy School Hotel - McMenamins

  • All overnight guests receive complimentary use of the soaking pool and free admission to the movie theater. For ADA rooms, please contact the hotel directly.

  • With 57 guestrooms fashioned from former classrooms or with an author theme and several amenities, this former school makes a great hotel.

9. Thalia Hall

  • He sort of stumbled into 2019s Phoenix, a charged chronicle of his childhood there, while spending the night with his grandparents during a tour stop. But he ...

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10. Things to Do in Cuba City in 2024 - Trip.com

  • Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall. Nearby City.. Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall. 2.9. This user hasn't left any comments yet. "theater". "Cinemas". Yellowstone ...

  • Looking for things to do in Cuba City? Our 2024 travel guide unveils hidden gems, must-see landmarks, delicious local eats, and handpicked hotels for every budget. Uncover the best of Cuba City with Trip.com!

Haunted Mansion Showtimes Near Phoenix Theatres Kennedy Mall (2024)


Can you bring food into the Phoenix Theatre? ›

Can I take food and drink into the theatre? We are unable to allow food & drink purchased outside of the Theatre to be consumed on the premises.

What does ovation mean at a movie theater? ›

I don't know if it's a trend everywhere, but standing ovations have become standard at the community theaters we attend. It's irritating. A standing ovation used to mean an extraordinary performance. Now it just means the same as applause.

What is the Encore experience at Phoenix Theatre? ›

But ENCORE is more than just a 65' screen. It's an overall experience, featuring a Dolby Digital immersive sound system powered by Klipsch speakers, a Christie Digital 4K Projector delivering a clear hi-definition picture and over 200 reclining seats.

Who owns Phoenix Theaters? ›

Cory Jacobson, owner of Phoenix Theatres, purposes using his dozens of shuttered theatre auditoriums and facilities in Michigan, Iowa and Massachusetts for economical rental to school systems – offering a viable option to temporarily increase available space for fall classes.

Can you take snacks into theatre? ›

You won't be permitted into a theatre auditorium with hot food from restaurants near theatres. You can bring in food from local supermarkets or food that you've pre-packed from home.

Can you bring alcohol into theatre? ›

It is an offence to bring alcohol into our venues. Our staff actively monitor the audience during the performance and it is additionally helpful if audience members can bring concerns to our attention.

How many seats are in the Encore Theater? ›

At 1,480 seats, the intimate, state-of-the-art Encore Theater is ideal for large-scale company meetings, speeches and presentations.

How many seats are in the Phoenix Theatre? ›

What type of stage is the Phoenix Theatre? ›

The sixth floor Main Stage theatre includes a thrust stage with unobstructed view from all 49 seats and room for additional seating. Available stage area is 19 feet across and 30 feet deep with 13.5 foot ceiling with entrances from backstage & front of house making arena staging an option.

What theater does Magic Johnson own? ›

Magic Johnson Theatres is a chain of movie theaters, originally developed in 1994 by Johnson Development Corporation, the business holding of basketball player-turned-entrepreneur Magic Johnson, and Sony Pictures Entertainment through a partnership with Sony-Loews Theatres.

What famous bands played at the Phoenix Theatre? ›

Many famous rock bands and performers have played The Phoenix Theatre on their way to stardom, including The Ramones, Green Day, Arcade Fire, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Primus, Sublime, and Pennywise.

Who owns the most theaters? ›

With a history dating back to 1920, AMC has become the world's largest cinema chain.

Can you bring food to musicals? ›

Outside food and beverages are not permitted in the Broadway theatre.

Can you take food into the Lion King theatre? ›

We allow food to be taken into the theatre, as long as it's cold and in a plastic container.

How do you bring food into a movie theater? ›

Do: Bring Small Snacks. Although enjoying a medium-sized pizza during the movie would be nice, it's not the most discreet food to smuggle in. Instead, bring small snacks to the theater to hide them on your person. Grab bags of chips and thin, tall soda bottles that are easier to hide and carry into the theater.

Can you take food into West End shows? ›

Many theatre bars sell drinks in glass cups but when entering the auditorium you will be asked to pour your drink into a plastic cup offered to you at the ticket check point. As for food: the general rule is that you should not bring any hot food (cooked food) with you into the auditorium.

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