How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay After First Month? (2024)

CSL Plasma is a donation center for plasma. They collect the plasma and do the plasmapheresis by paying donors for donations. Before plasma donation at the CSL center, this query is Asked by every donor How Much Does CSL Plasma pay after First Month? So they can easily get to know how much CSL plasma pays exactly to them. Then they can easily decide whether they have to donate or not at the CSL plasma center.

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL), pays to every type of donor. Their coupon codes and promo codes are available on their official website, and we are here to update you with new offers and bonuses. So you can earn by Plasma donation by reclaiming your coupon at the CSL plasma donor app.

You can collect your rewards of bonuses at the iGive reward app. The app is installed by the Google Play Store. It is necessary to attach your reward collection app to the CSL plasma donor app’s account. The rewards are given to first-time donating donors, returning donors, and also to referred donors.

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay For New Donors?

After completing a successful donation, CSL Plasma pays $100 for the first donation by a new donor. The new donor has never donated before at any CSL plasma center. This month is mandatory to have a CSL plasma donor app for reclaiming this compensation by redeeming your CSL new donor coupon code 2024.

If a new donor donates plasma twice in the same week then the donor gets the bonus of $45. If you want to become a regular donor and earn a lot of money then used to choose the nearest center from your location.

CSL Plasma Pay Chart 2024

According to May of 2024, CSL Plasma pays for each hourly that varies ranges for jobs.

Here are details listed below for a better understanding of the average salary.

$79,000 75
$38,500–$47,499 17
$29,500–$38,499 29
$20,500–$29,499 10

Why We Should Donate Plasma at CSL Center?

We are going to tell you why we should donate plasma at the CSL Plasma Centre. Plasma donation is familiarly known as the gift of life. Some points are listed below to get to know the reasons:-

  • It pays the most to the first visitor of plasma donors. Being a regular donor of plasma can enhance your financial status. It provides many offers on its coupon codes.
  • Plasma donation reduces the chances of cancer and also improves mental health.
  • It shows humanity because that plasma which is donated by donors is used for creating curing medicines. For those who are fighting with critical diseases like cancer.
  • Plasma donation can activate much better functions for blood cell production. Loss the unnecessary fat

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay?

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay After First Month? (1)

CSL plasma centers are paid vary by their location Some centers pay more than other CSL donation centers. CSL plasma pays for plasma donation but it can also vary based on the weight of the donor.

They pay in the first month between $50 to $75 to their donors. If a first-time visitor comes to donate then they should give an average of $75 for making an appointment on the first visit.

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay For The First Donation?

First-time donors who visit for the first time to donate plasma at their CSL center are known as new donors. If the new donor wants to be paid by the CSL center for their donation, use the new donor coupon code in the CSL Plasma Donor app.

The first-time visitor gets $100 for their first donation. They can earn up to $500 in their first month by continuously donating as a regular donor. The first-time donor when redeeming their CSL plasma promo code gets about $700.

How Can You Get The CSL Plasma Donor Coupon Code?

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay After First Month? (2)

Here are some easy steps to avail of the CSL plasma coupon code for donating plasma by donors at the CSL Plasma Centre. Follow the steps which are given below:-

STEP 1. Go to the official website of CSL Plasma.

STEP 2. Find here the CSL plasma coupon code, to donate plasma.

STEP 3. Fix your appointment to ensure your successful donation at CSL.

STEP 4. Choose the nearest center for donating plasma which saves your time for traveling.

STEP 5. Download the CSL plasma donor app and iGive reward app from the Google Play Store.

STEP 6. Reclaim your CSL plasma promo code by using these apps, after the successful donation of plasma at the CSL center.


Here are some queries related to How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay After First Month, for donors. So they can know more things which leads to them donating plasma at the CSL center.

How To Get To Know That How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay?

We are suggesting ways to get know from where you can know how much CSL plasma pays after the first month. The ways are given below:-
Go to Chrome on your available device either its laptop or mobile phone.
On Chrome find the search box for typing the “How much does CSL plasma pay?”
The shown resultants were told the compensation for each type of donor for donating plasma.

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay Per Donation?

CSL Plasma pays $20 to $100 for each donation at their CSL center for plasma donation. With the potential, they can make up to $ 400 in the first month by new donors. The new donors or returning donors can typically make about $30 to $100 per donation at any CSL center. After all, there are more than 300 CSL centers whose headquarters are located in Boca Raton, Florida, and the United States.

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay For The First Visit?

First visitor of plasma donation at CSL Plasma Services, commonly called a New Donor. When a new donor comes to donate plasma then they will get $100 penny for being a new member joined to CSL plasma donation. The CSL plasma pays the most to the first visit.

Do You Get Paid Immediately After Donating Plasma?

No, you did not get the compensation just after the plasma donation at any CSL center. It takes some days to pay your money for plasma donation. However, you will get it in two or three days.

How Much Does CSL Plasma Pay After First Month? (2024)
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