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2. Is it possible to progress past the story step "Sleuthing a Solution"? [Merged]

  • 28 feb 2023 · Anet has a history of bad story telling in GW2. If I were Anet I would introduce side quest that can further explore the story without voice ...

  • Title. It says to wait, but how long are we waiting? Very confusing.

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  • 15 mrt 2023 · So, I went to Gyala on the character I completed the story with, and where the first log is supposed to be for Sleuthing a Solution there ...

  • So, I went to Gyala on the character I completed the story with, and where the first log is supposed to be for Sleuthing a Solution there is...nothing. I can see the object that I think is supposed to be the log, but it's not interactive. Help?

5. Sleuthing a Solution (bugged?) - Guild Wars 2 Forums

  • 28 feb 2023 · It's an odd way to have a cliffhanger since it is so different from the way living story was made. Check your personal story journal and you ...

  • I've been exploring the new content (like everyone else probably) but my story won't continue from the start of Sleuthing a Solution. It says, "Wait until your allies have updates." Which I think I've done. My character has even said "What's the plan." like the next part is going to start. But he...

6. GW2 End of Dragons - YouTube

  • 29 jun 2023 · 12:47. GW2 - EoD 5.5 Sleuthing A Solution achievement. AyinMaiden · 9:53 · GW2 - EoD 5.4.1 What Lies Beneath - A Raw Deal. AyinMaiden · 3:28 ...

  • With the support of ArenaNet Play Guild Wars 2 for Free! - Get Guil...

7. Guild Wars 2 on X: "We've seen some of you asking about the instructions ...

  • 8 mrt 2023 · We've seen some of you asking about the instructions at the end of "Sleuthing a Solution". Gorrik will provide updates periodically in the ...

  • Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

8. Is it possible to progress past the story step "Sleuthing a Solution"? [Merged]

  • 28 feb 2023 · Sign In With Your GW2 Account. Sign Up · EN · FR · ES · DE · Guild Wars 2 Discussion. More. Forums · Dev Tracker · Events. More. This Topic.

9. GW2 - Delve into the Haze Achievements Guide - GuildJen

  • 1 mrt 2023 · Interact with the 10 Audio Logs around the map, check the map below for the locations. Sleuthing a Solution – 1AP. Listen to all of Gorrik's ...

  • Delve into the Haze Complete Achievements Guide. Gyala Delve Guild Wars 2 Achievements Guide. GW2 2023 End of Dragons.

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  • FeaturesEdit · End of Dragons storyEdit. Chapter 17 — Deep ResearchEdit · Sleuthing a Solution. NotesEdit. The release consists of a single story step. End of ...

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  • Sleuthing a Solution · API · 669 · Deep Trouble loading screen.jpg. Deep Trouble: The Deep. Deep Trouble loading screen Excavation Yard.jpg. Deep Trouble: ...

  • I regrouped with Gorrik, Rama, and Yao near the bottom of the mine at Luxon Terminus. The group was getting increasingly testy with each other. Not sure if it was the stress or some side effect of haze exposure, or what...

Sleuthing A Solution Gw2 (2024)


How do I listen to all of Gorrik's journal entries? ›

Go to Gyala Delve and find Gorrik's Research Journal, then listen to all entries. If you started the story episode whilst already within Gyala Delve, you will need to log out and back in to be able to interact with the journal.

What to do once you hit 80 gw2 reddit? ›

Jump to End of Dragons and unlock your core gliding and mount masteries, then go do everything in the last point. Start your Fractal progression grind at tier 1. If you're just doing Fractals, start leveling the armor crafting profession for your main, so you can get the armor part of your ascended-tier gear.

What to do with exotic gear gw2? ›

Most exotic equipment can be salvaged by using a Master's Salvage Kit or lower. Salvaging an exotic item can yield crafting materials, Essences of Luck, Globs of Ectoplasm, Globs of Dark Matter.

What lies within the story GW2? ›

In the depths of Gyala Delve, a lurking evil has poisoned the Jade Brotherhood and twisted the commander's memories against them. Regroup with Rama, Yao, Taimi, and Gorrik to devise a plan to strike back and force the mysterious ravenous wanderer into the open.

How do you solve journal entries easily? ›

Here are four steps you can take to create a journal entry:
  1. Determine the accounts that the transaction affects. ...
  2. Identify the account to credit or debit. ...
  3. Prepare your journal entry. ...
  4. Close your accounting entries.
Oct 13, 2023

What is the easiest way to understand journal entries? ›

An easy way to understand journal entries is to think of Isaac Newton's third law of motion, which states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, whenever a transaction occurs within a company, there must be at least two accounts affected in opposite ways.

What is the hardest hitting ability in GW2? ›

Hardest Hitting is Meteor Shower. Fastest Killing is Whirling axe with whirling defense at Second. Whirling Axe is probably the best of these because you can move while casting it and it hits fast AND hard AND 5 targets around you.

What do you get for 100% map completion GW2? ›

After a zone has been completed, the character receives a bonus chest reward and a mail pertaining to the accomplishment, except for the city maps.

Does GW2 get better at 80? ›

Yes, it does objectively get better at 80. But whether it gets better in a way that suits you as a player is not something any of us can know. The story absolutely does improve though.

Is exotic gear better than legendary? ›

While Legendary items pack a punch with their high stats and effectiveness in combat, Exotic items bring something different to the table: uniqueness. These items offer players tactical advantages with their special abilities, making gameplay more versatile and strategic.

How much better is ascended than exotic gw2? ›

Ascended gear is the best tier. It's significantly more expensive than exotic gear, as a full set is timegated and costs 200-400 gold to craft. However, it only offers a 12.5% damage increase over exotic gear.

What do you do with grandmaster marks gw2? ›

Grandmaster Marks are tokens used to acquire stat-selectable Ascended armors and weapons, crafted by their respective disciplines. They provide an alternative method of obtaining ascended gear through certain content and game modes compared to full ascended crafting.

Does your order matter in gw2? ›

You must choose an order to complete your personal story. It is also required for Krytan map completion, since Claw Island can only be unlocked during the story. Characters may only purchase weapons and armor from the order they belong to.

Who is the main villain in gw2? ›

Zhaitan is the main antagonist of the personal story in "Guild Wars 2", attacking important Tyrian places such as Lion's Arch, which resulted in a creation of a multiracial organization, The Pact, to battle against Zhaitan and the threats of the other Elder Dragons.

What is the gw2 endgame? ›

Endgame refers to the content intended for players after they reach the maximum level on their character. While Guild Wars 2's open world uses Dynamic level adjustment so that high-level players can still play in low-level zones, most of the endgame content is restricted for max-level characters.

How do I view all journal entries in QBO? ›

Step-by-Step Guide to Viewing Journal Entries

Select "Accountant Reports": Within the reports, click on "Accountant Reports" to access a list of specialized reports. Click on "Journal": Locate and click on the "Journal" option. This will open a detailed list of your journal entries.

How do I view journal entries? ›

In the Reports section, locate and click on the “Journal” report. It displays a list of all your journal entries. You can customize the date range or apply filters using the options at the top of the report page.

How do I see all journal entries in QB online? ›

QuickBooks Online offers the capability to view all journal entries at once, providing a comprehensive list of recorded transactions and entries for thorough analysis and review. Users can easily access this feature by navigating to the Reports section and selecting 'Journal' under the 'All Reports' category.

How do you find journal entries? ›

A complete journal entry is made of 6 elements: a reference number, date, account section, debits, credits, and a journal explanation. You can record these journal entries into either a General Journal or a Special Journal. There are three main types of journal entries: compound, adjusting, and reversing.

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