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♪ ♪ will: all right, that's going to do it for us today. thanks to perry's -- joey: yeah, this was awesome. lisa: it looks delicious. will: good job, joey and lisa -- joey: thanks for having us. rick: good job to you, will. lisa: thanks for leading us. bye, guys. ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning,

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everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. today, collapse of confidence. more and more democrats are trying to force joe biden out of the presidential race as the president and the first lady remain defiant on continuing on. >> look, i mean, if the lord almighty came down and said, joe, get out of the race, i'd get out of the race. the lord almighty's not coming down. maria: coming upper, panic in the democrat party one week before the gop convention. just ahead, gop conference chairman michael whatley is here on the state of the race ahead of his big week to come. plus, the media censorship of joe's cognitive issues, suddenly surprised at biden's mental health despite leading doctors such as dr. ronny jackson, white house physician to three presidents, and dr. greg murphy laying it all out with me over the last two years. >> he's being manufactured and puppeteered by the democratic party to be president of the

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united states. and i fully believe that has to do sometimes with pharmacology. >> on a day-to-day basis, we see a joe biden that struggles to stay awake, he slurs his speech, he shuffles when he walks. he's having these freezing episodes now, so the american people need to know what's going on. our adversaries and allies see this. it's a national security issue for us really. maria: wow. coming up, senate armed services committee members eric schmidt from missouri and tommy tuberville from alabama on the national security threats of a compromised commander in chief, plus the impact of the supreme court's ruling on presidential immunity. then new york post columnist miranda devine on yet another cover-up by the mainstream media on joe biden's mental state. plus, florida congresswoman anna paulina luna digs in on holding merrick garland accountable. what's on those audiotapes that

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the attorney general is refusing to release? it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and we begin this sunday morning with the kickoff to convention season which is now if colliding with panic from the democrats, demanding joe biden drop out of the presidential race. if we are now just one week away exactly from the start of the rnc convention happening in milwaukee, wisconsin, beginning next sunday with more than a week after president biden's disastrous debate performance. the president's latest effort to resuscitate the public's view of his mental fitness in a weekend interview failing after more public gaffes this past week. >> so, folks, know these resources are available to them and anyone who needs them. you've got -- i was telling the group who briefed me earlier, my brother has an expression, you've got to the know how to know. we've invested billions to enhance our power grid, expand energy shortages so that lights,

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air-conditioning, refrigeration, internet stay on during heat wave, storms and other climate changes. by the way with, i'm proud to be, as i said, the first vice president, the first black woman to is serve with a black president. i've been all over the world. i've been in and out of battles -- anyway, they're trying to push me out of the race. let me say is it as clearly as i can, i'm staying in the race! [cheers and applause] i'll beat donald trump! i will beat him again in 2020. [applause] by the way, we're going to do it in 2024. maria: new polls from "the wall street journal,"s the new york time, cbs and cnn show former president trump leading president biden between 2 and 6 points as voters express concern over biden's cognitive state. voters are also aware of his record which includes inflation up better than 19, energy

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skyrocketing nearly 36%, spending mainly due to $7 trillion in new spending and borrowing, his open border policy has meant more than 10 million migrants illegally entering america with rising concern among republicans that illegal immigrants may vote in november's election which, of course, is against the law. joining me now ahead of his party's convention in this "sunday morning futures" exclusive is the chairman of the republican national committee, michael whatley. mr. chairman, it's great to have you this morning, welcome. >> maria, great to be on with you this morning. maria: i want to to get to the convention, of course, one week away, but first let me get your tax on -- take on the news of the morning, and that is our reporter, chad pergram in washington, is reporting that hakeem jeffries has convened a virtual conference call today at 2 p.m. eastern with top democrats on the house committees to discuss joe biden's future. how do you see this playing out? >> you know, what we're seeing right now is the democratic free paul, and there's really two options -- free paul.

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there's two -- freefall. a very weakened joe biden is going to come out of their convention and go into the general, number two he's not going to and they're going to have to figure out on the floor who's going to come next. but the thing for us is we're going to continue to run our race with donald trump. and this entire election cycle really come comes down to a question of strength versus weakness. and this is the really about two different records. it is the record that president trump put together while he was in office, a record of strength. he had a strong economy pre-covid and a recovering economy afterwards, he had a very strong presence in the world and a very strong southern border. under joe biden right now, none of those are true. and no other democrat wants to change plans, wants to change policies from where joe biden has staked out the democratic party over the last four years. maria: meanwhile, you've got republicans gearing up for your rnc convention happening in milwaukee, wisconsin, a week

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from today as the kickoff. what should we expect? if. >> i think it's going to be a great opportunity for us to showcase the strength and division of donald trump and to be able to roll out our vision for the next four years. you know, when you think about this election cycle, it's truly a crossroads election cycle. this is an inflection point for the country, and it's not to going to just determine where we go for the next four years, it's going to determine where we're going to go for the next several decades. so we are going to show america in terms of strength. we're going to show the everyday americans all across this country and what a good, strong america means. how donald trump is going to restore our southern border, how he's going to restore our economy and how he's going to restore our place in the world. maria: well, look, there are some concerning stories out there. i want to is ask you about this undercover video which apparently has exposed illegal aliens, illegal migrants admitting to being registered in

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north carolina to vote. this is a video posted on x by mike howell, executive director of the heritage oversight project. he's urging americans to declare independence from foreigners deciding our elections. what specifically are you doing to insure that illegal migrants, now 10 million plus, are not going to be voting in this presidential election? >> yeah. the two things that we're doing at the rnc to make sure we win this election, number one, we're, working on getting out the vote. number two, we're working on making sure that we have election integrity, that we are protecting the ballot. this is our highest priority right now. when we sew conversations like this take place, it's extremely troubling. over 90% of the american people think that only american citizens should vote in american elections. it is illegal for illegal immigrants to vote if all -- in all 50 states. we need the states to enforce the law, and we see that congress right now is working to pass the save act. we support that. we think that the, everything should be done to make sure that

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illegals are not voting, that we have to have voter id and if that we have to have protections on mail-in balloting. these are the things we're working on all day, every day at the rnc. maria: well, the democrats are working overtime to push back on all of that. as axios is reporting that democrats are whipping against the gop's latest election crackdown. we've heard from merrick garland, he says he's going to vow to stop voter id. >> it is absolutely stunning that the democrats want to invite election fraud. they want to invite chaos into our election cycle. and you really have to ask why. because they cannot win on the issues. they cannot win with on the policies. as i've said before, this election cycle is about the success of donald trump's four years versus the failure of joe biden's four years, and they cannot win on the merits which is why they're trying to introduce this into the election. and when you have somebody say they don't want basic elections protections in place, you have to ask why, maria.

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maria: yeah, you do have to ask why. i'm just wondering if you're doing enough to ensure that it cannot happen, because it is a head-scratcher to understand why the attorney general of america would say he's vow ising to stop any -- vowing to stop any use of voter id. why can't we use voter id? is. >> we need to use voter id. it's absolutely pivotal. what we're doing right now is we've set up the protect the vote campaign at the rnc. we're actively recruiting 100,000 volunteers to serve as poll observers. we're recruiting thousands of attorneys that we're going to train and deploy. we want everybody to go to protect the and make sure that they sign up and help us ensure we're going to have fair, accurate, secure and transparent if election cycles. maria: well, michael, let's take a little about thety dynamics of the convention. are you expecting president trump to announce his vice presidential pick at the beginning of of the convention on sunday, or are we going to have to wait until if thursday night when he's actually officially nominated as the candidate?

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>> i tell you, maria, if i knew, i would tell you, but i don't. the only person who knows when that announcement is going to come is president trump himself. and we are very, very excited about the convention. 50,000 delegates, guests and members of the media who are going to be in milwaukee, and it's going to be a great stage show, it's going to be a great television production, and it's going to be a great opportunity for us to roll his vision for america out to the world. maria: all right. we'll be there as well on "mornings with maria" on fox business live every morning, 6-9 a.m. eastern. mr. chairman, good to talk with you this morning. thank you, sir. >> excellent. thank you, maria. maria: rnc chair michael what thely. thank you. and now this -- >> they are discussing it from two different ways. one is do you replays him on the ticket -- replace him, and the other is do you replace him now as president. 're way, you're stuck with kamala harris, the vice president, who actually, i think, would be worse than joe

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biden. so it's hard to tell what they're going to do. to remove him from the presidency means the 25th amendment of the constitution, ask that involves the president's own cabinet pulling the plug there. maria: and that was senate gop conference chairman john barrasso with me last weekend right here on this program about the possibility of vice president kamala harris becoming the commander in chief. joining me now with more on pride president biden's political future is senator from alabama a, senator tommy tuberville, on the senate armed services committee. sir, it's good to have you this morning. good morning to you. >> thank you. maria: your reaction to what we're seeing. we understand now hakeem jeffries in the house is convening a virtual call with leading democrats to discuss joe biden's future. how do you see things? >> well, maria, this has been a disgrace, been a disgrace for three and a half years. we've been talking to our democratic colleagues in the senate. they know what's going on. mane stream media's hid all this, now they're panicking

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wonder what they're going to do. they put the early debate just in case this happened. well, it did happen. it's unfortunate for joe biden. he's sick. nobody can help that. people do get old, they do get sick, but this is all about the democrats' power. kamala harris will probably be the candidate running against donald trump. that will be very interesting. maria: who do you think will be her running mate if it is kamala harris at the top of the ticket? >> you know, i don't know. they -- that'd be interesting. i don't know who they'd pick. we're just going to stay out of their way and let 'em cut their own throat, to be honest with you. it's a disaster. maria: senate, what can you tell us about what's going on in the senate? i mean, umpteen times in the last six or eight months we've seen senator chuck schumer come out of the white house after having had conversations with joe biden. i mean, i'm talking about all those meetings with kevin mccarthy to try to get him to stop spending, and chuck schumer would come out of the white house and say things like the president was very strong, the

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president was very adamant, he said this, he said -- i mean, does senator schumer not see what everybody else is seeing in plain sight? is. >> you know, donald trump -- maria: tell us about the conversation in the senate right now about joe widen's mental fitness. -- joe biden's. >> we've all known, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and obama's been running the country along with blinken and sullivan out of the white house. joe biden hasn't been making decisions. he might have first year had some say so, but he's been out of it since after the first year in office. and and you can tell by schumer's actions, pelosi's actions the first two years they were calling the shots. so hopefully, people understand that. they've had total control. not the president, but schumer, pelosi and all the deep state. the deep state's total control of this and, hopefully, we can get control of it and get, get the democrats out of control and get trump and all the republicans running this country. maria: so are you saying that over the last, i don't know what time frame you're talking about,

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let's say year, that chuck schumer, nancy pelosi have been running the country with staffers at the white house that joe biden -- and they've been lying to the american people, they've been covering up a massive issue, mental capacity issues? >> oh, there's no doubt about it because, yeah, they bring, maria, they would bring joe biden to the capitol, walk him around a, hold his arm a, hold his hands, lead him around and kind of show him off. they're making all the decisions, there's no doubt about that. maria: wow. i want to ask you about decisions on the border because i know you just recently came back from the if darien gap. how would you assess the wide open border policy right flow? >> well, disaster. luckily, we've got a new president down there. i went to the inauguration of jose me lean know of panama. a lot of the people coming across the border stay in panama, they can't afford 'em, like us. but at the end of the day, i talked to some operatives, and they're really worried that 5-10,000 people a day come

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across the darien gap. unfortunately, they say the most scariest thing happening is people coming from africa, and they're isis. they're coming across, they're coming straight to the southern border of america and coming into our country. we've lost our mind having an open border. it's a disaster. the democrats should pay a price just for this alone. everything else, the inflation, our education system, everything that's going down in the our country, the worst thing the happening right now is our border. donald trump's going to close the border. we better or we're not going to have a country left. maria: that's just extraordinary. you're saying you were just at the darien gap and what you're hearing is from from officials is that they are worried about people from africa coming who have ties to isissome is that what you're saying? >> exactly. and they're coming by droves. they're not coming 5, 10 or 15. they're coming every day. most of the people coming across are from venezuela who at this time having a revolution. but a high percentage of them are coming from africa, and they're isis. and there's nothing we can do

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about it. we can't stop 'em. the ngos down there, maria, are helping them come across, giving them supplies so they can make it to the southern border. it is a disaster down there. and, luckily, president melino of panama is going to try to close it down, but i've got my doubts. we should be helping him every day. maria: i also a understand that the chinese nationals are coming through the darien gap as well. what did you see in terms of chinese nationals? now we understand it's 50,000 that have come here through california in just the last year. >> yeah. 7,000% increase in people coming in from china across our southern border: you can't make this up. this can't be a worse scenario for the united states of america than what's going if on right now, and we've still got six more months of these clowns running the white house that are fully compliant, allowing them to come. number one, we can't afford it and listen to the fbi director. there is going to be a national disaster with some people coming across this border. and it's going to be all on the backs of the democrats. they've done this to the united

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states of america and to the american citizens. they should be absolutely ashamed. maria: who do you want to see in the lead spot in the senate when mitch mcconnell steps down? >> well, i think john thune and cornyn are the two that are going to run along with rick scott. i think what's going to be the telling tale of that, maria, is the new people coming in. if we can win some seats from the democrats and have people coming in, i think they're going if to have a huge say so because it's going to be a very close vote. we'll do that immediately after the election, but we -- mitch mcconnell will step down, we'll have new leadership across the board. not really just mitch mcconnell, leadership across the board. maria: right. got it. senator, good to see you this morning. thank you, sir. senator tommy tuberville joining us there. quick break. coming up, the supreme court sides with former president trump over the issue of presidential immunity. so what does that mean for special counsel jack smith's cases against the 45th president? missouri senator eric schmitt, the state's former attorney general, is here with analysis.

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but first, phenomenal congresswoman anna paulina luna or her bid to hold attorney general merrick garland accountable for not complying with a congressional subpoena. she's coming up right here. ♪ [door creaks open] [floor creaks] [door creaks shut] (♪) (♪) (♪) relax, you booked a vrbo. (♪) sara federico: at st. jude, we don't care who cures cancer. we just need to advance the cure. it's a bold initiative to try and bump cure rates all around the world, but we should. it is our commitment.

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maria: welcome back. congress returns to capitol hill tomorrow morning following the independence day holiday with house republicans resuming efforts to gain access to audiotapes of president biden's interview with the special counsel, robert hur, and seeking to the to hold attorney general merrick garland accountable for not complying with a congressional subpoena to turn over those recordings. last month the justice department declined to press charges after the house found him in contempt, but this week florida congresswoman anna paulina luna says she's preparing to bring up for a vote on the house floor a resolution to hold garland in inherent contempt of congress with full support of house speaker mike johnson. the if the measure passes, it would impose a $10,000 a day fine on garland for every day he does not turn over those recordings. it does not call for the chamber's sergeant of arms to arrest the a.g. as originally considered. the tapes, quote, offer unique

7:24 am

and invaluable insight about a information that cannot be captured in a transcript such as vocal tone, pace, inflection, verbal nuance and other idiosyncrasies. joining me now with more is florida congresswoman anna paulina luna. congresswoman, thanks very much for being here. are you expecting a vote on this, and how does this work? >> yeah, absolutely. so we fully intend on bringing this up on wednesday afternoon potentially. obviously, with the speaker supporting in this, i do believe that it will pass. and so how this will work is garland will be required out of his own pocket to pay a $10,000 fine for every day that he holds out on those tapes. for a lot of people, this is something that's definitely going to hurt. i don't think garland wants to take one for the team, if you will, in regards to continuing to fight even though he knows biden is not cognitively there. it'll serve two purposes. obviously, there shouldn't be a double standard of justice in this country. we have people in jail for doing

7:25 am

what he did. but also a, too, i do believe it'll force him to produce the tapes or step down. maria: what is on these tapes that is so important for you to get access to? >> you know, i think that it's very possible that biden either forgot who who he was or is so bad in the interview that he would be, have reason for his own cabinet to basically invoke the 25th amendment. you know, what's scary, maria, is there have been people like garland who have been willing to break the law in trying to protect him, and so what i would say is for the american people, eneven democrats that are concerned about biden being the nominee, what is on these tapes that they would go to such great lengths to, essentially, protect him? it is our job, a constitutional obligation that we have to ensure that the american people are being protected. we need to hear the tapes. they're interfering with a congressional investigation. maria: what's your take on what's going on in the house? hoivel, the conversation at the moment is joe biden's mental a fitness, and this morning chad pergram on fox is reporting that hakeem jeffries has called a

7:26 am

virtual call today at 2 p.m. eastern to discuss biden's future at 2 p.m. today in light of all of this after that a disastrous debate performance. what have you heard about this in the house? >> you know, right after the debate we heard many democrats that were murmuring, shaking their head saying this wasn't possible, for him to be the nominee. that he can't. we've seen that there's a block of democrats, about 25 in total, that are looking at coming out with letters and also publicly calling back their support for biden. so what i think is going to happen, maria, is if they really want him out, i think it's possible that they work with democrats -- they work with republicans in order to get those tapes released because whatever is on those tapes, maria, is so bad that nay know he's -- they know he's unable to be the nominee. and think that's why biden's white house told them they would not be releasing the tapes. so we're seeing the white house now getting involved with pressuring garland into locking -- blocking the release of those tapes and also too the democrats themselves are trying to keep their own members in

7:27 am

line. and it's just not going to happen. there's no way that i think he's the nominee for this election cycle. maria: so who will it be, do you think? >> i think it's possible that kamala harris will be the nominee mainly because they're going to have a funding problem if joe biden drops out, they will have to return all that money to donors, or if she's the nominee, it has to be spent on her behalf. frankly, ill hope that it's her because -- i would hope that it's her because she's a terrible candidate. i don't really think she has much to say. whether it's her, gavin newsom, joe biden, i think it's a net win for america and trump wins this election cycle. maria: what do you think the ticket looks like? who would be her vp? >> i think if she's not the nominee, it would be congress has to confirm whoever she decides it's going to to be, so i can tell you that in a republican-controlled house, it's not going to be gavin newsom. maybe we see a situation where mike johnson becomes the vf if which i don't think they want either, but it would definitely with the first time in u.s.

7:28 am

history -- be the first time in u.s. history. they're going to have massive issues moving forward. maria: so what you're saying is you've got these 25 democrats who are pushing joe biden to drop out of the race, and you think that as a message, that he needs to drop out, they're going to side with republicanses over the release of these tapes. is that what you're saying? >> i think it's possible, and i think that's why you're seeing the pressure campaign launched over the weekend with hakeem jeffries calling that call. maria: yeah. >> they definitely tried to squelch the dissent over the weekend, and it's not working. democrats are still upset. maria: congresswoman, it's good to see you. we'll baa -- be watching your work. anna paulina a luna in florida. up next, the supreme court rules on presidential immunity as the state of missouri takes the state of new york to court seeking to have president trump's gag order lifted. missouri senator eric schmitt is here on the lawsuit and the high court ruling that trump is covered by presidential immunity. coming up.

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mom made this. umm... i...added... the garnish. stay twice and get a $50 gift card when you book direct. >> this is a fundamentally new principle, and it's a dangerous precedent because the power of the office will no longer be constrained by the law even including the supreme court of the united states. maria: and that is president biden following the supreme court ruling that that former president trump has presidential immunity from prosecution for official acts during his time in the oval office. the decision prompting judge juan merchan to delay sentencing the 45th president in his new york criminal case until at least september 18th at the request of trump's legal team as they seek to overturn that conviction. meanwhile, missouri attorney general andrew bailey is suing the state of new york over merchan's gag order, asking for the supreme court to remove it so, quote, missourians can

7:34 am

participate in the election free from new york's exercise of coercive power limiting the ability of trump to campaign. joining me now in this "sunday morning future" exclusive is senator eric schmitt who previously served as the state's attorney general. senator, it's great to see you. thanks so much for being here this morning. >> great to be with you, maria. maria: you were a practicing lawyer, you were on the state legislature, of course, you were the attorney general for the state before becoming senator. what is your take on the supreme court decision on immunity? >> well, it's a big win not just for president trump in that specific case, but i think for the constitution and our rule of law. most legal experts, you know, sort of predicted this would be the are result. it's fully in line with where case law had been previously. but, of course the president has immunity from criminal prosecution for official acts. the founders were very well aware of this. they wrote about it in the federalist papers, that you could have sort of these prosecutors or other folks sort

7:35 am

of tight up the presidency whether, when the president is in office or out of office for decisions that were made while the individual was president. and so it's the right call here. but think if you kind of peel the onion back here a little bit, maria, the truth is the reason why the democrats are showing such faux outrage is they want to undermine the legitimacy of the supreme court so they can pack the court. that's what you need to know about this. the immediate, again, outrage here is all about them gaining complete power and control. so if they get a shot at this, if they control the house and the senate and the white house, they will end the filibuster or and pack the supreme court and add at least four justices. and so if that's the -- there's no limiting principle. once you go down that road, maria, why not 25? why not 50? so we're all of a sudden in banana republic territory. the case was rightly decided, and the democrats' outrage is all about trying to gain more political leverage. maria: wow, that is just stunning.

7:36 am

and now you've got house democrats proposing a constitutional amendment to try to reverse the supreme court immunity decision. tell us how you believe this decision will impact all of these cases that president trump is still facing. >> yeah. i mean, i think if you put this case in its context here, joe biden is directly responsible for all of this stuff. in november of 20202 -- 2022 he gave a speech after the mid if term elections and said he was going to use all legal means necessary to keep president trump out of the white house. and then guess what happened? all these zombie cases came back from the dead including jack smith's case, including the atlanta case, including alvin bragg's case. all of them sort of followed the orders of joe biden, key members of the justice department left to go to that new york prosecution. so the underlying issue here in many cases in this immunity is one of the results is take the new york case, for example. you can't use official communications from the president when he's in office to sort of buttress your legal case. so in addition to that new york case being riddled with

7:37 am

reversible error like not having to actually agree on the crime, which is insane, now they're going to have real issues because they tried to introduce and did introduce into evidence official communications which now would be presumably excluded. so all of these, you know, these sand castles that were built on sand are going to come crumbling down. all of this was about a political possessor if cushion, it was about election -- persecution, it was about election interference. they thought they could bury president trump, and they were wrong. president trump is surging in the polls, and to the american people see it for what it is. this is about a cause. it's about, you know, fortifying our republic. we don't want to see us deinvolve into a banana if republic -- devolve -- where you see a president trying to throw his political enemy and opponent in jail for the rest of his life which is exactly what they're trying to do. maria: well, just incredible. so you're saying that all of these attacks, these indictments against president trump were coordinated and started with the

7:38 am

white house after that november 2022 speech that you referred to from if president biden. do you have evidence that there was, in fact, coordination between these prosecutors taking cues from the white house? can you prove that? >> oh, there were -- sure. there were visits to the white house. members of the legal team and almost all of these cases coordinated with biden officials. you saw, again, a key member of -- the number two person at doj left to join the prosecution, alvin bragg's prosecution team. this is sort of the worst kept secret in washington, i suppose. this was their idea, that they thought trump was such a threat to democracy, they a want to destroy democracy. and the truth is when president trump was in office, he didn't do any of this stuff. but now you have joe biden when he's been in the office, what a has he done? he's censored americans. he's, you know, brought these political prosecutions against his political opponents, and he's ushered in an invasion of this country of 10 million plus people who they want to turn

7:39 am

into voters. that is the real threat to democracy. maria: that is just incredible, all of it is just -- all of it. let me ask you about this because you say the worst kept secret. another badly-kept secret was joe biden's mental capacity, okay? we've been talking about this for two years now having on leading doctors who have, obviously, discussed what they see in plain sight. what do you think happens here? do you think they're going to a take joe out, or does he stick the it out and is he the nominee in invest no -- in november? >> i don't think he's going anywhere. i think the people who have a lot of power by joe biden being in office and the short of shadow government, they're not going to let him resign. by the way, if he decides not to be a candidate, he certainly can't capable of being president, they're going to have to deal with that issue. kamala harris polls even worse than joe biden. her unfavorables nearing 60. and wait until they dig into her record as the so-called border czar, wait until they dig into her record on the green new deal, on her soft on crime policies and supporting defund

7:40 am

the police. they're not really going anywhere. but in any other time, maria, this would be a scandal. the media has helped cover this story up for years, and why did they do it? because they thought joe biden was going to beat president trump, they thought they could bury president trump. and now when it looms -- looks like president trump is actually going to win this race, they've turned on joe biden. and so it's really fascinating to see the very people who were asking joe biden what kind of ice cream he likes for three and a half years suddenly -- [laughter] are shocked by his lack of coherency that everyone saw on that debate stage that night. and no one can unsee that, which is the problem they're dealing with. maria: yeah. and the cover-up has been stunning by the media, senator. we're talking about that next, for sure. great to see you this morning, sir. thank you. >> good to the see you, maria. maria: senator eric schmitt joining us this morning in missouri. quick break and then suddenly surprised at joe biden's mental a challenges. why was the mainstream media hiding the truth for so long, failing to investigate clear signs of weakness in the

7:41 am

president's mental fitness while attacking and trying to silence anybody who yesterday the president's cognitive abilities? fox news contributor miranda devine was among the voices questioning biden's age and abilities back in 2020. she will join me with reaction next. ♪ to me, harlem is home. but home is also your body. i asked myself, why doesn't pilates exist in harlem? so i started my own studio. getting a brick and mortar in new york is not easy. chase ink has supported us from studio one to studio three. when you start small, you need some big help. and chase ink was that for me. earn up to 5% cash back on business essentials with the chase ink business cash card from chase for business. make more of what's yours.

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7:45 am

>> i just don't see this getting any better. this is, you know, all these issues we talked about with cognitive decline related to age, they get worse not better with time, and this is going to continue to get worse. they're going to have to do something about it. maria: and that is former white house physician to three presidents, congressman ronny jackson, speaking with me on this program nearly two the years ago, 2022, sounding the alarm over president biden's cognitive abilities which, of course, the mainstream media virtually ignored and hid until biden's disastrous debate performance ten days ago. some attacking this program for

7:46 am

raising the issue. now cnn reports some white house reporters admit they could have covered biden's mental fitness better, but their excuse is, quote, the right-wing media was calling him senile from day one, and that wasn't true, the reporters said. then whenever you report on the age, you were in some ways solidifying, giving credence to people of bad faith. this is how they answer why they censored news to the american people. joining me now is new york post columnist miranda devine who has been out front reporting on biden's mental fitness since at least 2020. miranda, it's great to see you, and you've tackled so many stories about all of the censorship coming out of the mainstream media. but first, we've been talking about so many extraordinary things on this program this morning. what's most important to you this morning? >> hi, maria. i think people haven't quite given the significance to hunter biden's presence in the white house that it deserves. if he is in control of his father as it appears he is, he

7:47 am

is effectively the commander in chief by proxy. and that's a very frightening thing for the country. hunter biden is devious, intelligence, manipulative. he's always out for his own ends. he really has no scruples and no fear. so anybody from the democratic party who's going to try and dislodge joe biden this week has got a very worthy adversary there. i think it will be very difficult for them to tackle hunter biden especially if they underestimate him and don't realize really the kind of control and manipulation he has had for a long time over his father but particularly now that his father is ailing and will be depending on him very much. maria: i mean, for the last couple of weeks you've had jill biden, the first lady, being defiant. you think now with hunter's presence is social security even

7:48 am

stronger, and that -- it's even stronger, and that's going to make it hard harder for the democrats to take him out? hakeem jeffries is calling a virtual gathering today with democrats to talk about the future here. >> that's right. well, you know, i hope they send their best to go and tackle the bidens, because hunter biden will be playing out the steps well in advance. he'll have allies like anthony bernahl who's jill biden's work husband i think she calls him, her senior adviser and others who arl tohe bidens and to their own power. they, those people want to keep their power, and hunter biden in particular -- jill biden's getting sort of in focus, and her behavior is reprehensible. but she's a weak person and not as intelligent as hunter biden. so i think that he's going to be playing all sorts of games and

7:49 am

calling in all sorts of chips. he's also not fond of the obamas, and if he perceives that this is an obama push to get rid of his father, he'll be doubling down. and, look, perhaps they can bribe him out, you know? some enormous book deal or promise of pardons and so on. but it won't be easy. maria: well, i mean, you say, you know, jill biden is -- she's acting in a reprehensible manner, so what should we think of "vogue requests magazine, okay? "vogue" just put dr. jill biden on the cover basically celebrating her because she's so defiant and will not leave even if she has a husband who can't handle the abilities that you would expect from a commander in chief. >> you'll see this from so much of the media. i mean, right now they're pretending that they're shocked and can't believe it, they never if saw problem with joe biden before or if they did, it wasn't so bad and the right-wing media so to blame.

7:50 am

and you will see them turn the titanic around once they realize that joe biden is not going nick anywhere. and jill -- anywhere. and jill biden is their vehicle because, of course, she's been campaigning more than joe biden. she's been flying all around the country, all around the world, in fact, on air force one being the sort of de facto president campaigning. and if she's getting glowing -- she's getting glowing "vogue" covers but also women's magazines, sort of narrow casting to suburban women that she's just like you. maria: wow. let's take a short break. i want to con this conversation on the media with you in just a moment. stay with us, more on "sunday morning futures" right after this. ♪ discover the power of wegovy®. ♪ ♪ with wegovy®, i lost 35 pounds. and some lost over 46 pounds. ♪ ♪

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maria: welcome back. i am back with new york post columnist miranda devine. i want to take you back to march when joe scarborough went on msnbc and said he's far beyond cogent, in fact, he's better than he's ever been intellectually, analytically because he's been around 50 years, and if you don't believe,, if you. s this is what joe scar scarborough said and now, of course, back pedaling out of that. give us your sense of what the media has been doing in protecting joe biden. >> well, that's exactly what

7:55 am

they've been doing, they've been aiding and abetting his lies in sharp contrast to their attitude towards donald the trump. remember, the post counted something -- "the washington post" counted something like 60,000 lies told by donald trump. they closed up that presidential lie checker the minute that joe biden was in the oval office. and, you know, joe biden is, if anything, the biggest liar that the oval office has ever had. and yet the media has chosen to go along with his lies, to cover up for him, to spoon feed him questions, give him questions in advance, agreed to not have very many press conferences really with very little pushback. it's been incredible. and, you know, i was there in the campaign in 2020. in january many iowa, in new hampshire, it was crystal clear to everybody, to every single reporter and to the people on the ground that there was

7:56 am

something wrong with joe biden, you know? he couldn't give a simple stump speech without having a teleprompter hauled in to a little town hall for him. he was befuddled, he was always late, very low energy. is and he was pretty much written off. and then as soon as jim clyburn reanimated him, suddenly the media turns on a dime and it's the like, oh, this guy is completely normal, he's energetic, he is of such good character and so decent. maria: yeah. unbelievable. miranda, that's why we were just showing your headlines. you've been writing about it all along. we've been having guests on this program and "mornings with march. >>" on fox business for two years who have been saying the same thing, but yet the media got away with it regardless. it's great to talk with you this morning, miranda. thank you. >> thanks, maria. maria: new york post columnist miranda devine joining us. before we go today, we want to congratulate our booking producer emily and her husband on the arrival of their newborn baby boy, james theodore, whose

7:57 am

nickname is teddy can. teddy is an angel. we are wishing everyone health and happiness in this joyous occasion. welcome, teddy, to the world. we love you. that'll do it for us here on "sunday morning futures." thank you so much for being with me this morning. have a great rest of your have a great rest of your sunday, and i'll see you tomorrow and all week on "mornings with maria," 6-9 a.m.g ian.h broad shoulders to get to where we are at today. on ancestry i was able to actually put together our family tree. each person is a glass worker. that's why we do what we do. we can't help it. the glass blowing - that's a part of our dna. it's in my blood, it's in my history. it's my job to make sure that this shop makes it to the next generation.

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