The Inconquerable - Chapter 35 - Canorius (2024)

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In the bedchambers of Viasmos, there were two women currently attending to him. Neither women had any desire for the man, nor for each other, but that was neither here nor there. He desired both of them, and that was the only factor of any substance. Tifa and Yuffie had both recognized the futility of opposing him shortly after coming to Tharsis, and so despite their misgivings, they were both obedient, dutiful slaves.

Tifa was using her impressive breasts to stroke his co*ck, while Yuffie laid sideways over him and kissed him. As one of his larger-endowed slaves, Viasmos always loved Tifa's world-famous titjobs. Yuffie's body was skinnier, but not without its own feminine charm. He found that using them both together was a nice way of enjoying the contrasting, but still appealing parts of them. Like a gourmet meal prepared by an acclaimed chef, it was all about finding balance.

There was also the fact that they were both friends who knew each other from the world they were originally from. That discomfort and mutual shame was always fun to watch play out. If there was anything worse than being ripped from your life and made into a sex slave, it was watching your friend go through the same treatment. Viasmos was certainly not the kind of man to have any qualms about exploiting that.

He gave Tifa a light nudge with his foot, signaling her to roll to her side. Lifting Yuffie's head off his lips, he said, “Get on my dick.” A simple, straightforward command, and one Yuffie obeyed without hesitation. It was not her wish to obey the man or please him, but she'd been well-trained by this point to submit to his every desire. Not for nothing, he made it a little easier by having a very attractive, masculine body. His personality and misogyny may have been horrid, but he at least had the foundation for being a desirable man.

As Yuffie sat down on his dick and began riding him, Viasmos snapped his fingers to Tifa, who promptly crawled over. He wrapped an arm around her and lifted her forward, positioning her massive mammaries over his mouth. He buried his face in them, shifting side to side as he slobbered over them, all while his hands gripped Yuffie's ass as it repeatedly bounced on his groin.

Yes, this was a good life.

Viasmos began sucking ravenously on her tit*, and slammed Yuffie down on his dick as he came inside of her. Yuffie collapsed over her master's chest, who promptly nudged her off and to the side. He playfully pushed Tifa off, as well, enjoying just a touch of violence with his playthings. Tifa was used to this, but it wasn't always easy to tell if he was just being an ass, or if she was being punished. She looked at him with mildly scared eyes and asked, “Did I do something wrong, master?”

“Ha! Not at all! You were both wonderful, as usual.”

He hopped up and walked to a wardrobe up against the wall. He did not use this for clothes, as not only did he not wear all that many, but he could also conjure any clothes of his choosing. Instead, he used it for basic storage. He pulled out a trio of empty bottles and stood them on top of the wardrobe. Then, setting his hand above them, the bottles began to fill with water. Once filled, he tossed two of them to the girls.

“Get yourselves hydrated. We'll be going again in just a few minutes.

“Thank you, master!” they exclaimed in unison. Credit where it was due, Viasmos made the best water. Even water was a resource lacking in Tharsis, so virtually all of it was generated by magic. Whether for drinking, fish farming, washing, or anything else, it was all the product of a water mage somewhere. The nice thing about it, however, was that a good enough mage could control the quality of that water. Viasmos produced water that was clean, cold, and refreshing. Tifa and Yuffie were all too happy to gulp down their master's gift.

Viasmos also took a drink. Although he was far from tired himself and had no need to rehydrate, he liked being cold. Sex heated his body up a lot, so he generally liked to cool himself down. He could do that with magic too, of course, but there was just something he enjoyed about the sensation of pure, icy water cascading inside of him.

Tifa happily chugged a healthy portion of her water bottle, but her smile drooped. Looking up nervously at Viasmos, she said, “Master... I heard recently from Lady Chlorida that you might be going back to our world next. Is... is that true?”

Viasmos smiled and nodded. “Sure is.”

Tifa hung her head. Statistically speaking, it was unlikely that he would return with yet another one of her friends. It was a big place, after all. On the other hand, Viasmos seemed to have a talent for finding people from the same general group. Many of the girls trapped here knew at least one other girl from their former lives. It saddened Tifa to think that someone else she cared about might be made to join them. It had already happened with Yuffie, and that was something Tifa was adamant about not repeating.

Last time, it had only happened because she'd stupidly named Yuffie, giving him a specific target to search for. It was a mistake that stung deeply every day for her since Yuffie's enslavement. She was more careful than ever now to ensure she never put anybody in danger again.

“Hey, as long as I'm going,” Viasmos continued with a smirk. “Any recommendations?”

Tifa shook her head. She'd made a mistake with Yuffie, but being asked so directly, she'd never even consider putting someone in his crosshairs like that. No matter how obedient she was, it was a line she was unwilling to cross. No woman deserved this fate, and she wasn't going to aid Viasmos in that endeavor, no matter what.

“Yeah. Scarlet.”

Tifa snapped to her side. “Yuffie!”

Viasmos grinned widely at Yuffie. Even he seemed surprised at this easygoing suggestion. “Oh really?” he asked, pleased at her eagerness.

“Oh yeah,” Yuffie continued, seemingly unconcerned with Tifa's shock. “Her name's Scarlet, and she used to work with this group called Shinra. You'd definitely like her,” she insisted, holding her hands out in front of her chest. “Nice, big titt*es. Maybe even bigger than Tifa's over here.”

“My, my! Now that does sound like a chick worth chasing!”

Tifa struggled not to stammer as she chastised Yuffie. “Yuffie! How could you do that!? Why would you do that?”

Yuffie threw up her arms. “'Cuz f*ck her.” Her nonchalant expression exhibited no remorse for her actions. “He's gonna grab some poor girl anyway, might as well be that bitch.”

There was a certain logic to that, Tifa couldn't deny. Even if Viasmos took a woman she didn't personally know, it would still be sad to know that a lovely girl had been stolen from her home to be his sex toy. Still, it didn't sit well with her. As far as Tifa was concerned, even someone as horrible as Scarlet didn't deserve this fate. Even knowing that Viasmos would get someone, it seemed wrong to actively aid in one of his conquests.

“Ah, well, it seems you've upset your friend,” Viasmos noted, walking over to Yuffie. “Maybe it'll cheer her up if I shut that big mouth of yours.”

He promptly drove his erect dick between Yuffie's lips. She hadn't quite finished her water, so after getting past the startle of being forced like that, she delicately reached over and placed it on the stand next to his bed.

This did not, in fact, cheer Tifa up; but she hurriedly finished her water and knelt on the bed, preparing to be of service as soon as her master ordered.

Upon returning to the world from which Tifa and Yuffie hailed, Viasmos had little trouble confirming the existence of the woman named Scarlet. She had once been a prominent figure in the organization called Shinra, so plenty of information was available on her.

Unfortunately, there was a hard cap on the recency of that information. Since losing a battle with some terrorists, she hadn't been seen. The current Shinra was very different from how it had previously been run. What had once been an autocratic and mighty empire of energy was now a more conscientious, diplomatic organization. The leader, Rufus Shinra, had apparently had a change of heart since his defeat. Recognizing the harm they'd done to the planet through their forced extraction of Midgar, Rufus had evolved Shinra into a group that would allow him to atone for his crimes. Far from being a tyrannical and overreaching corporate force, they were now environmentally-focused and cooperative.

Viasmos's guess, based on what he could gleam from this woman's biography, was that she didn't want anything to do with that. He could respect that. Being from Tharsis, where plant life was essentially extinct except when produced by magic, environmentalism wasn't big on his list of causes. He also didn't see the problem with a powerful force taking what it wanted and making itself even more powerful. And if the planet was to die because they had no regards for its limits, then it was an act of stupidity they deserved to fall into. Of course, many uninvolved innocents would be affected by such calamity, but Viasmos didn't even consider them in such a scenario.

While he felt he had a decent psychological profile on the girl, he didn't have any clues as to where she was located. Unlike with Yuffie, he didn't have any major locations he could connect her to outside of Midgar, and since she'd separated from Shinra, it was doubtful she had any known associates he could spy on or interrogate.

There was always the possibility that she was dead, but that didn't seem likely. Shinra itself seemed pretty sure she was alive, and had a considerable bounty for any information that lead to her whereabouts. Though not as familiar with this world as its denizens, Viasmos felt pretty confident that if Shinra was that certain she was alive, then that was probably the case.

The thing he did have that he didn't have with Yuffie was a face to work with. Yuffie's face was also publicly available, but he didn't know for sure that it was the Yuffie he was looking for. This time, it was all but definite that this was the woman Yuffie had described. Once he saw her, wherever she was hiding, he'd know right away.

The thing he knew about her was that she had quite an attachment to materia, and he guessed that was pretty relevant. If Scarlet had simply disappeared, why would Shinra be so adamant about finding her? More likely, they had reason to believe that Scarlet was still involved in mako extraction. It was a bit of a leap, but it made sense. Viasmos had a talent for intuitively feeling out the larger meaning behind small pieces of information. In any case, he had little else to go on.

The smart thing to do would be to search for any known mako hot spots. Shinra had probably had the same idea, but then again, they didn't have the manpower they used to, and the world was a big place. Not for Viasmos, though. Viasmos could fly at outlandishly-high speeds, so as long as he had good information, he could cover ground pretty quickly.

This kind of information wasn't as freely available as it once was, since Shinra no longer encouraged the use of mako as an energy source, but it wasn't as if it was completely suppressed. Once Viasmos felt certain that he knew any location worth considering, he set out to search for his newest woman.

Scarlet sat upon a chair at a high vantage point, looking down upon her operation. She rested upon a balcony that was overlooking the grand atrium at the heart of the mako reactor, admiring the river of mako that was flowing around the central floor. She was quite comfortable, and not just because of the quality of her chair. Her legs were resting upon an exquisite ottoman, which anyone normal would recognize as a person. One of her soldiers was on all fours, facing sideways from Scarlet, so that his back could be used for her to rest her feet.

Not only did she have no qualms about humiliating her people so casually, but she quite enjoyed it. Even after the fall of Shinra, she was a woman of power, and little moments like this reminded everyone of that fact. She took some stragglers from the former Shinra regime, who were too ostracized to find honest work that paid what they were used to. Scarlet was a very wealthy woman, and that wealth was still flowing thanks to her current operation.

True, she wasn't bringing in the same amount of mako as Shinra did back in the glory days, but she was the only meaningful supplier. Corporations desperate for cheap, abundant energy were more than happy to pay her in excess, as were mercenaries looking for newer, finer materia. She was making far more per liter of mako than she was before, even if she wasn't producing as much.

This only worked for as long as she wasn't caught, but so far, that hadn't been a problem. Shinra still possessed the land rights to their active mako reactors, and now placed security there to ensure they weren't abused. There was no doubt that Shinra was aware that mako was still in circulation, and suspected her involvement, but according to her inside sources, they believed she was operating in some previously-undiscovered mako pool.

But that wasn't the truth. She was, indeed, at a Shinra mako reactor. The only thing distinguishing it was that it wasn't an active reactor. Or hadn't been, at least, until she had her men re-engineer it. This reactor had been decommissioned several years prior, due to its secluded, difficult-to-reach location and an abundance of monsters. Because of that, it simply wasn't on their radar over in Shinra. Even if it did eventually occur to them, Scarlet's people on the inside could alert her, and she had a plan ready to hide their presence if it came to that.

The monsters did present something of a problem. Manpower was much harder to come by than mako. She couldn't operate in the open, and recruiting more men from an isolated place like this was a challenge. However, this was also not serious cause for concern. Most monsters could be handled easily enough through basic weaponry, and if there was anything particularly dangerous that came by, well, Scarlet had something for that, too.

Yes, it wasn't perfectly smooth sailing, but things were going just fine within the mako reactor of Mt. Nibel.

There was a great deal of history at this reactor, though this was unknown to the public. One could even say that the great calamity they'd just recently persevered had begun here. Though this might give this reactor an oppressive atmosphere to some, it had no such impact on Scarlet. The events of the past meant nothing to her. Unlike that fool Heidegger, she'd survived, she'd thrived, and she'd continue to do exactly that. So long as she could generate wealth and remain in a position of power, she had no qualms about governing such a notorious location.

Suddenly, an alarm began blaring. Scarlet scoffed and yelled, “What the hell is going on, you imbeciles!” She kicked at the man she was using as an ottoman, knocking him in the face with her high heels. “Out of the way!” She stood up and gripped the balcony, scanning for any problems. The soldier quickly sprung upright and apologized, and continued to stand by her side.

Even in the midst of a potential emergency, Scarlet couldn't help but smile a bit. This soldier was such a weak, pathetic man. They all were in her presence. It wasn't that she was physically stronger, but she still had power, and they couldn't touch that. She could berate them, abuse them, shame them, and they'd never complain. Being a woman in charge of men wasn't easy, but Scarlet exuded such command and control that none of them would dare to defy her. Even in her red, satin dress with a deep neckline that emphasized her abundant chest, her men would never allow themselves to be caught staring. They feared her far too much. That was what true power meant. She could flaunt herself before these jackals, and they'd keep their primitive urges in check.

She demanded answers from her subordinates, but they were clueless. It was only when they heard chaotic rumblings from outside that they began to suspect an intruder. All of the soldiers pulled out their guns, aiming at the titanium door that was the only entrance into this place. The circular floor in the center of the atrium was surrounded by a moat of mako. Only a bridge connected it to the rest of the facility, and it was only entered through that door. It was locked down by this point, but if anyone did break through it, the soldiers were ready to take immediate action. They knew their mistress would not have any interest in sparing the intruder.

Even so, they were a bit slow in pulling the trigger, as they were stunned into a momentary lapse. The titanium doors didn't get pried open as they feared, but were blasted out of the way. The doors, along with a screaming soldier who'd been brutally thrown through it, were shot to the far end of the atrium, dropping unceremoniously into the mako river beneath them.

The intruder casually walked in, scanning the room as though searching for something. Nothing to his left, nothing to his right, but as he looked up and forward, he finally caught a glance of Scarlet.

“Ah, there you are!” he eagerly exclaimed. “I've been looking everywhere for you!”

The soldier next to Scarlet looked at her nervously. “Who... who is this man, ma'am?”

“I have no f*cking idea,” she answered bitterly, annoyed at his meaningless question. She then roared into the atrium, her furious echo seeming to reverberate in their very hearts. “What are you idiots doing? Open fire!”

Called to action, they overcame their initial shock. The mysterious man before them was scary, but still not as scary as Scarlet, as far as they were concerned. They fired their assault rifles at the intruder, keen on ripping through him with such ferocity that there'd be nothing less of his corpse when they were through.

However, this never came to pass. Their bullets deflected against the air, not ever making it to the man who'd so brazenly attacked their base. Frankly, Viasmos didn't even need to bother with a barrier. His body was plenty capable of withstanding bullets. However, even if they couldn't hurt him, there was an uncomfortable stinging sensation that came along with them, and he wasn't wild about that. He'd already searched about half a dozen mako reactors, and he'd taken his fair share of bullets along the way. He was getting annoyed by the feeling of them against his skin, so he'd started putting up a barrier somewhere in the middle of attacking his fourth base.

He felt pretty good about this location when he approached it, because he recognized immediately that the soldiers weren't the same as the ones he saw before. They both wore Shinra garb, but this one wasn't quite the same. Perhaps they were remnants of the old Shinra. In any case, this made sense as a location. It was registered as a known mako location, but from the state of the outside of the reactor, Viasmos had guessed that it hadn't been used in some time. Why that was, he wasn't sure, but a decommissioned reactor made sense as a location for Scarlet, if he did indeed want to continue extracting mako.

Viasmos looked around at the men shooting at him. He'd taken care of everyone outside, most of them rendered unconscious save for the poor soul he knocked into the mako stream. If that's the case, these should be the last ones remaining. As the soldiers screamed their hearts out, furiously firing upon him even as fear welled up from their inefficacy, Viasmos simply pointed at the soldiers, starting from his left and going clockwise. “Let's see... one, two, three, four...”

Scarlet herself was quite confounded. Is this some kind of barrier he's using? Where's his materia? He had no gauntlets, no bracers, no weapons, not even a shirt. He must be using a barrier materia, yet there was no sign of one on him. Was he wearing something around his ankles, perhaps? Even if that was true, it didn't explain his calmness. Barriers didn't last forever, and he was being peppered with bullets from all sides. Surely he must realize that as soon as his barrier lost its stamina, he'd be obliterated.

“Twenty-two, twenty-three... twenty-three! Got it!” That was the number of soldiers, not counting Scarlet, who were here in this atrium. They were primarily located on balconies and staircases fixated to the side of the room. While flying to them and taking them out one at a time would hardly be a challenge, he saw no sense in wasting time. “Alright boys, gonna need you to sleep for a while.”

He snapped his fingers, and in that moment, streaks of red-black lightning flashed from his fingers. If one could have paused on that frame to witness in detail what had happened, they'd see exactly twenty-three bolts of lightning that emanated from his hand. Needless to say, each one was aimed at a different soldier, and each one had enough power to knock them out immediately.

As the soldier next to Scarlet was thrown against the wall, gargling as he drifted into unconsciousness, she became aware of just how imposing a threat this man was. Even so, she did not lose her composure. She was not the kind of person to let fear drive her actions.

“Alright then, and just who are you?” she bellowed, not a trace of anxiety in her tone. “I certainly doubt you're associated with Rufus, and you don't look like you're a part of Avalanche.”

Viasmos knew who Rufus was, but he wasn't entirely sure about the second thing she mentioned. He felt like he may have seen something about it somewhere... some kind of terrorist group?

Oh! he realized, laughing at himself for how obvious it was. That must be the group that Tifa and Yuffie were a part of! They obviously had a history with this Scarlet woman, so it would make sense for her to consider that group when confronted with a hostile force.

“Quite right,” he answered, impressed at her resilience. “I'm something of an independent contractor, you might say. You can call me Viasmos.”

“Oh? An independent contractor who breaks down my doors and wipes out my men? Why don't you spare me the riddles and speak plainly. What is your purpose here?”

Straight and to the point. Viasmos didn't mind that at all. “Very well. I'm here for you. I'm going to make you my woman.”

Scarlet's compulsive scoff immediately transitioned into haughty laughter. “You can't be serious? If you're here to apply as one of my soldiers, I can certainly make use of you. But if you're being literal, then you must truly be a fool to think I would agree to be yours.”

“Who asked your opinion?” he asked with genuine confusion, as though it was a given that her consent was a non-factor. “You asked for my purpose, and I told you what it is.”

“Such boldness... not a trait I particularly admire in men. You think you can claim me, do you?”

“Of course. Now...” he began walking forward, onto the bridge that crossed the mako stream. “ I going to go up there...”

Scarlet pressed a button on a remote she carried at all times. In an instant, the bridge collapsed. The debris fell into the depths of mako beneath them, but alas, Viasmos did not follow. He continued to walk forward, despite standing on thin air. Once more, Scarlet was bewildered by how he was doing this.

“...or are you going to come down here?”

Strictly speaking, there was no need to continue doing a walking motion. Not when he was just flying. However, Viasmos had what he'd refer to as a playful side. He imagined it far more distressing for him to resume in the exact same motion, continuing his question, and in general acting as though he hadn't even noticed the change. And he was right, because although she didn't show it, even Scarlet was slightly disturbed at how casually the man provoked her. Be that as it may, she answered his question quite directly.

“Hmph. Very well. Wait a moment, and I'll join you.” She stepped out of the room, through a door into the back. In there was her room and office, but there was also an elevator that led to other parts of the facility.

Huh... that was... surprisingly cooperative...

Viasmos was suspicious, to say the least. She might simply be planning to escape, but that seemed unlikely. This was atop a cold, dangerous mountain. Leaving on her own would be quite dangerous... not that staying here with him wasn't too. Well, if it came down to that, he'd have little trouble catching up to her. He'd give her some time to come down before he searched outside for her. Still, he very much doubted that she was offering herself to become his woman. She didn't strike him as the type.

Indeed, he was right, perhaps more so than he realized. Frankly, the dangers posed by Mt. Nibel hadn't even crossed her mind, because Scarlet wasn't even considering escape. This man had marched into her territory and threatened her. She would not let that stand. She was going to punish him for his audacity. For that, she was bringing out a surprise. The floor on which Viasmos stood was generally used as a transportation hub. Materials would be processed in the lower depths of the base, and would be brought up to be loaded onto trucks. But alternatively, it could be used to bring out her favorite toy.

The center of the atrium floor suddenly descended, with only the rim staying put. After about twenty seconds, Viasmos could hear the floor coming back up. He looked down, and saw something in the middle. It was too large to be a person. It finally arose, and Viasmos was greeted to the sight of Scarlet sitting inside of an extravagant mech.

“The Crimson Mare Mk.III!” she boasted. “You thought you could come in here and dictate your desires unto me? I will teach you your place, you fool!”

Viasmos rubbed his chin, a bit discontent. If he'd anticipated this as a possibility, he'd have liked to bring the Kratos along, so they could have a proper mech duel. Taking it down like this would be too easy for him.

Then again, there were some problems with that scenario. Most critically, the Kratos was still being repaired. All that vrachos that got melted by Kallen had to be rebuilt and reaffixed. But even if it had been available, the truth was that Viasmos wasn't overly impressed with this machine. It was outfitted with an impressive arsenal, but it was far too gaudy. His feeling from looking at this mech was that it had been built to appease Scarlet's desires, and his other feeling was that those desires in question were more about aesthetic than they were about functionality. There was no balance or refinement to this “Crimson Mare”. It was just a pretty piece of metal with a hundred weapons attached to it.

For her part, Scarlet was feeling rather confident. She was not blind to his power, but she had not yet seen the depths of it. To her, this was a man with no weapon, no materia, and a few meager tricks. Surely, a machine like this would be more than a match for him. Her imperious grin only made Viasmos laugh, as he considered how he'd make this fun for him.

“Teach me my place, huh? Alright, let's put that to the test. I won't use any magic, and also...” He stretched his arms out in front of him, spreading out his palms in a showy manner. He then crossed his arms behind him. “...No hands. Let's see what you've got.”

Scarlet's arrogant expression had turned absolutely livid. How dare this man condescend to her so! Indeed, she'd hated his attitude from the beginning. Earlier on, there was a part of her that considered drawing him in to work for her. Anyone who could break into her base and display such unusual magic was definitely worth some consideration. But not only did he think he could win against her, but he wasn't even going to bother using his magic? It was absurd. Any interest in taking him under her wing was gone. He would be punished, tortured, and live out the rest of his few remaining days in agony.

Not wasting another second, she opened fired. Since Viasmos wasn't using magic, he couldn't use a barrier. Rather than take the bullets head-on, however, he chose to dodge them. Part of that was, again, because he simply did not like the sensation. But another part of it was that he didn't want to reveal how hopeless this was for her just yet. How would she react to a man whose skin could resist bullets? No, he wanted to drag out her despair a little bit more.

Though his speed was impressive, Scarlet was not intimidated. She charged at him, slashing the blades on her arms in an X shape. Viasmos simply bent backwards, dodging underneath the blades without the slightest indication of worry. Growing further incensed, she hammered down on him with her right blade, which he effortlessly sidestepped away from. Then she came at him with a horizontal slash from her left arm. He hopped onto the arm as it passed him, then hopped onto the head of the Crimson Mare, leaping off of it to the other side of the arena.

Scarlet grit her teeth, enraged at his mockery of her. The Crimson Mare turned around to face Viasmos, and her rage grew deeper upon seeing his smirk. “C'mon, you've got something better than that, don't you?” He was egging her on, as though completely nonplussed by her weapon. It was inconceivable to her, and yet, she was far too angry to think about the deeper implications. If this man could stay calm while severely limiting himself and not even really trying, then what power was he really capable of? Had she taken the time to think about it, she would have realized that he was far too much for her to handle. While she would have had a better grasp on her situation, it's also true that it wouldn't make a difference in determining her fate.

She charged him again, this time in a headstrong, spinning motion. Her blades were moving so quickly in a circular fashion that it was as though she had a shield in front of her. To his eyes, however, he could easily track the motion of the blades and time himself accordingly. Making no apparent effort to dodge, Scarlet was quite certain that she had him. However, he lunged right at her with a downward spinning kick, cleanly breaking off the blade on her right arm.

The sharp redirection in momentum also caused the Crimson Mare to hit the ground and slide, prompting a gleeful cackle from Viasmos. Scarlet roared as she brought the machine back to its feet, “You brat! Just who in the hell are you!” Snapping a mech sword in two with a kick was plainly ridiculous. No human could possibly do that. Just what trick was he using?

“Are you done? Wanna give up?” he teased.

“Like hell! We're just getting started, you lowly piece of excrement!”

The remaining blade – and what was left of the right blade – got switched out for new weapons. Viasmos wasn't sure exactly what it was, but it seemed like some kind of ranged weapon. One of them was aimed at him and fired a ferocious volley of pink projectiles. While visually more awe-inspiring, this was effectively no different than the gunfire from earlier. Viasmos sprinted around the rim, easily outpacing the attack.

However, Scarlet anticipated this. In reality, she was buying time for her next attack. Standing firmly in the center of their arena, both arms began to glow pink. She spun around as two massive, pinks beams emitted from the cannons on her arms. Viasmos was admittedly surprised at the nature of her follow-up, being far grander than anything else she'd demonstrated to that point. Through sheer reflex, he was able to leap over the first beam that crossed his path. However, he was slowed down enough that those smaller pink projectiles were able to catch up to him. This stunned him long enough for Scarlet to hit him head-on with one of the beams.

Viasmos was hammered against the wall past the mako stream, and Scarlet used another new weapon as she had him locked down. An orange sphere was launched at him, and while this was far too slow to catch a man of his speed, it was sensible in this position, where he was stuck in place. The orange sphere made contact, and exploded beautifully. Scarlet stood up in her mech and threw up her arms, soaking in the breeze that came with her terrifying explosion. The feeling of validation she felt as she utterly destroyed that impudent fool couldn't be overstated.

Her one regret was that she hadn't been able to capture him alive. Ideally, she'd have liked to torture him for a while before killing him. It would have been a more just way of disposing of him. However, she took solace knowing that in the final few seconds of his life, he realized his mistake.

That was until she heard, “Alright, I gotta give you credit, your machine's got more spunk than I thought.”

Drawn from her basking in the afterglow of her supposed victory, she looked forward and saw Viasmos standing in the crater she inflicted into the side of the wall. He was most definitely hit by her attacks, yet, he seemed completely unharmed.

“You! How!? This can't be!”

“I guess I'll have to take you a little more seriously.”

“How dare you patronize me!” Scarlet shot another beam at Viasmos, and once again, he did nothing to dodge it. However, he did do something different. He bent his knees and lunged straight ahead at the beam, then flipped with his leg outstretched. Scarlet's mouth was agape at his stupidity, trying to kick away a blast of condensed mako. Except... that was exactly what he did. His foot tore through the beam, carving a clean path towards the cannon on the Crimson Mare's left hand, and completely destroying it.

Clearly, she needed to find a way to match his raw power. She switched out her weapons once again, this time replacing her cannons for gauntlets. They were like wrecking balls on her hands, but coated in bumps to make them even more punishing. She slammed into him again and again and again, completely forgoing defense in favor of an all-out assault.

And yet, she couldn't even move Viasmos.

He stood there, balancing on one leg, and kicking away her strikes with the other. Still with his arms crossed behind him, she was coming at him with all of the strength and speed at her mech's disposal, and she couldn't break past a single leg of his? It was enough to drive her insane.

This was not the time to hold back. Scarlet recognized that this man did have one weakness: he was so engrossed in his display that he was giving her time to attack. By this point, she recognized that he could have easily dispatched with her Crimson Mare if he wasn't deliberately dragging the fight out. Because of that, she had time. She arched back and charged up her gauntlets. Energy was coursing into them, preparing for a devastating attack. She hammered her fists right over him, and upon impact, an enormous explosion was generated. It filled the atrium with light, its energy extending to the atrium walls.

As the light dissipated, Scarlet stared in disbelief beneath her. Viasmos was still standing there, his foot outstretched against her gauntlets, an amused smirk decorating his face.


She detached one of the gauntlets and backed away. She'd have it explode right on top of him. He may have looked unbothered by her previous hit, but she had to believe that wasn't the case. He must have strained himself. A point-blank explosion would surely end him.

But Viasmos didn't give it the chance. Guessing at what she had in mind, he bounced the gauntlet up like he was playing a game of hacky sack, then spun around and kicked it in her direction. It didn't quite reach her by the time it exploded, but it was still enough force to knock her mech down and have it slide all the way to the rim.

She had no choice. She had one more ace in the hole. In a setting like this, she risked destroying her mako reactor. She'd have to start all over again. Her men would surely die in the process, although she only cared in regards to the trouble of hiring new manpower. Was it worth it, just to kill one man? Yes, yes it was. Rebuilding would be a pain, but she could do it. She wouldn't allow this man to make a fool of her any longer.

The Crimson Mare flew to the top of the atrium. One of its arms started withdrawing, its fragments sliding towards the other arm. She now had one especially large arm with a pincer-shape at the end, and electricity coiling in its center.

“You asked for it! You're dead meat! Just remember, it's your own fault!”

Viasmos continued smirking, not particularly afraid of what she had to offer. He was quite curious just what it was she was planning. What Scarlet had here was a rail gun. It was a type of weapon that fired projectiles at especially high velocities using electromagnetic force. It fired only a single bullet, but that was all that was necessary. Even without any explosive propellant, this lone bullet – particularly of the caliber used by mechs – would do considerable damage to whatever it struck. She'd aimed it squarely at Viasmos, but even if he somehow survived this, it would continue to rip through the facility, and most likely cause a chain reaction with the mako that would result in the entire facility exploding. If the initial shot didn't kill him, the ensuing, magically-charged explosion certainly would.

She fired down at him, but alas, her calculation was inaccurate. Frankly, when considering the weapons he'd faced when he fought Miranda Lawson, a rail gun was nothing all that amazing. Those used mass effect to make projectiles go at comparable speeds, and they only hurt him a little bit. This bullet was of a larger caliber, but that increased mass wouldn't make enough of a difference to endanger his physical ceiling.

Not only could his body survive such a direct blow, but his eyes could trace the bullet without much difficulty. His perception of time was much sharper than a typical human's. With a spinning kick, he knocked the bullet straight back at Scarlet. Not only was he able to deflect it, but even be accurate enough to make sure he didn't kill her. Instead, it shredded her float unit and blew a hole in the ceiling, causing her mech to tumble to the ground.

“It can't be!” she yelled, just before she made impact. Her skull was given a good shake, but she still somehow managed to retain consciousness. Looking up at Viasmos, who was walking towards her menacingly, she still would not give up. Although she had no further options worth considering, she simply could not quell her anger. The Crimson Mare, though damaged and dented, began returning to its feet.

Viasmos was no longer amused, intuiting that she'd likely used everything worth his attention. “Let's end this farce,” he sneered. He was next to the blade he'd chipped off earlier. He knocked the cracked edge into the air with a kick, then jumped and caught it between his feet. With a rapid spinning motion, he drove the blade diagonally into the Crimson Mare just a moment before it could get upright. It fell back to the ground, and with damage that severe, it would not be getting up again.

Scarlet was thrown from the co*ckpit, and struggled to stand herself up. She was only able to prop herself up on her elbows when Viasmos made it towards her, grabbing her hair and bringing her to her knees. He bent down and brought his face just above hers.

“Alright then. Now that that's out of the way, are you ready to play?”

She spit at his face, unable to tolerate the way he literally looked down on her. “Fool! As if I'd allow some hog to defile my-” she was interrupted as she was slapped to the ground. Despite the aggressive action, Viasmos couldn't help but laugh. “Goddamn, woman. Have the good sense to realize you lost!” He straddled her waist and spread open the neckline of her dress, allowing her ample bosom to pop out in all its glory. “Wow! I think Yuffie was right! Your tit* are even bigger than Tifa's!”

That namedrop was enough to make her briefly ignore her sudden exposure. “What!? Who was that you just said!?”

“Ah, yeah, Yuffie and Tifa. You know them, right?” As he spoke, he grabbed her breasts with his rugged hands, and began roughly fondling them. Even as he groped her and treated her like a toy, he continued to speak casually, as though the whole act was something innocuous. “Those two are also my women. Yuffie suggested I go after you next, so here I am!”

“That little bitch!” she screamed. “I'll f*cking get her for this!”

Once again, she took a slap across the face, and Viasmos got back to fondling her tit*. “Now now, I don't want to hear talk like that. You're going to join them as a sex slave, so you need to understand that as my property, you don't have a say in your own actions. My slaves need to be properly cared for.”

“Presumptive maggot! I'll never be your slave!” Her bravado was admirable, but she couldn't substantially back it up. This was comically demonstrated when she grabbed his wrists in an attempt to pull his hands off of her boobs. Even against an ordinary man, her slender arms would be no match. Against Viasmos, it was like trying to lift a boulder. Her resistance was over before it even began.

Viasmos leaned down and began sucking on her nipples, going back and forth between them. He was like a starving man with a feast before him, who just couldn't decide which plate to begin with. Scarlet began punching him in the head, repulsed at the way he used her bust for his amusem*nt, but this was just as ineffective. She was too proud to admit it out loud, but the fact of the matter was that it actually hurt her fingers quite a bit just trying.

Her anger and pride made her unable to acknowledge that Viasmos's actions weren't even slightly affected by her display of defiance. If she did nothing, the usage of her tit* would be exactly the same, down to the millimeter. He'd grope them, suck, and squeeze them as he liked. Logically speaking, it would make sense to simply stop fighting back and let it happen. But for a woman like Scarlet, that was simply not an option.

“Vile pestilence! You're going to pay for this! When I'm through with you, you'll wish you – MMMPPPHH!” She was suddenly cut off when Viasmos took his attention off her breasts and moved up to her lips. She had nice, full lips, accentuated by the deep, dark, red hue of her lipstick. He grumbled and growled through it all, but she could not pry herself off of his lips. It was only when he decided he was done that she was granted relief.

“You know, I don't get it with women like you,” he said. “Fancy lipstick, such prominent, blue eyeshadow, mascara, ya' got blush on your cheeks... you're all dolled up for me! So what's the point if you're not looking to be used by a man?”

Taking the consent angle out of the equation, there was definitely a reason Scarlet put such effort into her appearance. This was how she got power. The wealth and control certainly contributed to that, but while that gave her literal power, it wasn't what made her feel powerful. It had nothing to do with attracting a man. It was beauty for beauty's sake. To the extent men were involved at all, it was the rush of knowing that she could brandish herself in all her glory before a bunch of horny, testosterone-fueled dogs, and they would never dare lay a hand on her. But ultimately, the make-up and everything else that went into crafting her appearance was something she enjoyed personally. The idea that she would do it as part of some archaic mating ritual was repulsive to her.

She didn't say any of that to him, though. He didn't deserve an answer. She growled at him and grit her teeth, and that was all he'd get.

“Well, whatever. If you were looking to draw men in, mission accomplished! But you're sounding just a bit too superior for a woman in your position. I think you need to be dropped a peg or two and learn your place as a woman.”

Even with his weight upon her waist, she tried to get up. He simply pushed her back down with a hand against her collarbone, and laid his dick between her massive melons. He squeezed her tit* together and began pumping inside of them. Scarlet had to gasp in shock at how flagrantly he was using her body.

“Agh! Who the hell do you think you are! You think you can get away with this!?”

“Um, yeah,” he answered bluntly, not slowing his pace down even a little bit. To Scarlet, it was impossible to accept. She did not view herself through the lens of others, only through the lens of herself. In many ways, it could be considered an admirable quality. However, that mixed with her present circ*mstances had left her in a state of delusion. She saw herself as a powerful woman, and even though she was clearly outmatched by Viasmos, she still saw herself as the one who would come out on top. Somehow, she'd escape. Somehow, he'd get what's coming to him. The idea that this man would actually get his way was not something she could even bring herself to consider.

And yet, she was most definitely being used for a boobjob. Even as her tit* jiggled and rippled as his co*ck plowed against her chest, she still believed that she was the one in control. This was nothing more than a temporary embarrassment until she found herself back on top. Viasmos found the whole thing quite funny. He'd had his fun with plenty of fiery women, but they usually still understood who had won. This woman's persistent display of superiority was hilariously incongruous with her situation.

“I gather you're the kind who's used to being in charge. I imagine you abuse your men at your whim, is that right?”

“Of course that's right!” she replied unapologetically. I'm the one who's above them! I'm the one with power! So I get to do what I want! These men are simply objects I can do with as I please!”

Viasmos smiled. “Well, I certainly agree with you on principle. But it's far too self-serving a perspective. You still haven't accepted that you're not at the top anymore. I'm the one in charge now, bitch. If you had any objectivity to your worldview, you'd acknowledge that you are now the object that I can do with as I please.”

“Ridiculous! No man can own me! I'm the one in control!”

“Oh, is that so?” he asked as he continued to pound away with her tit*. Since the titjob wasn't getting her to see the truth, he needed to switch things up a little. As impressive as her bust was, she had plenty of other attributes worth exploring. He got up off of her, during which she once again tried to get up, only to immediately be knocked back down as he pressed his foot against her face.

“Ugh! Worm!” She hurled more insults at him, but her mouth was then blocked by his boot. Her complaints were far too muffled to make out, though he gathered that she wasn't expressing joy about the whole thing.

“Doesn't taste good, huh? That's fine, I'm sure I can offer you something better.”

He removed his boot, and Scarlet took a few seconds to breathe. It was only a few seconds, though. Her mouth was quickly re-stuffed, this time with his massive co*ck as he knelt down in front of her. Viasmos drew her neck back so it would go in more smoothly.

“So tell me, is this what it looks like to have 'control'? Hmm?”

It was a hard claim to make with a man's balls crashing into her face, but she still found a way. In spite of being rendered completely powerless and at his mercy, she truly did not see things that way. Rather, she saw opportunity to fight back, and forcefully bit down on his manhood. However, even in a sensitive area like this, Viasmos's skin was quite impenetrable. If bullets couldn't hurt him, her teeth certainly weren't going to do the trick. That didn't stop her from trying, even as it began to hurt.

Viasmos basically didn't notice, and happily thrust away while going back to jiggling her tit*. Scarlet's rage grew, the feeling of her body being used so flippantly by a man being too much for her to withstand. Her mind was churning and grinding, searching for any possible way to overcoming this man's outlandish strength.

She came up with nothing.

Her men had been useless. Her mech had been destroyed. She herself had no meaningful strength to speak of. So how was she going to beat this man? As the cold truth of her situation became increasingly undeniable, as she felt the grip of hands against her breasts, as she felt his substantial co*ck sliding in and out of her throat, it was starting to sink in. A seed was being planted. Somewhere in the depths of her soul, beneath the layers of fury and disgust that built it up, there was something new, and something she wasn't used to feeling: despair.

Suppressed as it was, there was a part of her that was starting to understand that she couldn't escape this situation. Not on her own, at least. With that came a sliver of panic. An anxiety that she really wouldn't get her way. Even so, she would not let that part of herself show. Not to him, and not to herself.

Viasmos moved his hands down alongside her body, evaluating her waist-to-hip ratio. This woman had one fine body. He was really going to have to thank Yuffie for bringing her to his attention. The fact that she was so funny was a bonus. That wasn't usually much of a factor that came with his selection of slaves, but it was more than welcome. If this woman continued to deny her situation while in bondage, she'd add a whole new layer of entertainment for him.

Scarlet was no longer thinking about ways to escape, because quite honestly, she was struggling to stay conscious. She could barely breathe through her nose, and even that was being periodically interrupted by his ramming ballsack. Her fight had shifted focus from Viasmos to her personal limitations. It was just too hard to focus on getting air when her body was being so violently assaulted.

Just before she passed out, Viasmos finally removed his co*ck. She compulsively sucked in as much air as she could, and light started returning to her vision. Her recovery was so strenuous that she wasn't even completely aware of the fact that her position was being adjusted. She'd been flipped forward on her knees and elbows.

Viasmos had just ripped open the back of her skirt, and that brought her back to a state of awareness. “You! How dare you!” This was her favorite dress. What gave him the right to rip it? “You're going to pay for that!” She meant that rather literally, expecting him to pay for a new dress somewhere in-between his torture.

“Oh, don't you worry, I'll give you plenty of new clothing to wear. I actually quite like this dress on you, but the skirt is just a little long, don't you think? I need to see more leg. I'll make you one with a shorter skirt, okay?”

“The hell you will! They're my clothes! I decide what I wear!”

She gasped as she felt the sting of his hand against her exposed ass. “You still don't get it, huh? You are mine! I decide what you wear. Hell, I decide if you wear anything! You don't get a say in such matters anymore.”

The touch of his glans against her skin caused her to gasp again. “What do you think you're doing, whelp!? Don't you know who I am!?”

Viasmos sighed dramatically. “It's clear that you still can't accept who's actually got the power in this situation. No worries, though. I'll make it crystal f*cking clear.”

She tried to crawl away, but she couldn't move an inch with his hands on her hips. Sliding his penis past her red thong, he finally penetrated her. His forced entry was the ultimate, primal proof of dominance. Even Scarlet struggled to maintain her composure from this intrusion.

“No! Stop! Ugh! You damn animal!”

Another slap against her beautiful, round butt. “You dumb c*nt, stop pretending you're in any position to defy me. You're just a bitch, and you need to learn that.” He then continued slapping her ass while his dick rammed into her. Scarlet had never felt force like this from a man before. Being the dominant one in her relationships, it always went at her pace. But this man was just taking whatever he wanted, and her body was being put through more pressure than she'd ever tested with a male.

“Damn it! Damn it!” Her anger was formless at this point. She was angry at Viasmos, yes, but more than that, she was angry at the collapse of her identity. Every day, she looked at her reflection, and found supremacy. Now, she was the one being subjugated. She had always been the mistress, while men were the worms who groveled before her. But now, just as he said, she felt like a bitch, while he felt like the master. Her swelling rage was being used as a mask of sorts. It distracted her from this irrefutable truth. It filled in the gaps of her soul that were collapsing as her ego was being forcibly rewritten.

“Go on, girlie,” encouraged Viasmos. “Tell me what's happening to you. Tell me that you're being raped.”

“f*ck... you!” she grunted.

Viasmos grabbed her tuft in the back of her hair and pulled. Her body was now put through even more strain, pushed by his outrageous manhood and pulled by his incalculable strength. She could hardly focus on anything other than her violation.

“Come on, bitch! I'm only asking you to speak the truth. Tell me!”


Her voice was so much softer that time. Viasmos smirked with malice. She just needed a little more of a push. With his remaining hand, he kept slapping her butt. He went from cheek to cheek, hitting one with the front of his palm and one with the back. The agony her body was going through was now overwhelming, the rapid sting of his slaps adding to the brutal tug of war she was enduring.

“Tell me, bitch! What's happening to you!?”

“I'm...aaahh... I'm being raped!”

Scarlet lurched forward as Viasmos let go of her hair. She slid right off his dick and fell to the floor. Her cognizance returning, she was infuriated with herself. She'd obeyed a man... it wasn't business or politics, it was pure bedroom power dynamics,and she'd obeyed a man. That was horrible enough. But maybe just as bad, if not worse, was the fact that she'd said that aloud to herself.

Rape was the ultimate display of dominance and submission. She'd avoided internalizing it, refusing to see herself as a victim. But in that moment, under such duress, she'd admitted exactly what was happening to her. She was being raped, and by extension, that made her a rape victim. She was the one being forced into submission, while he was the one with power. If it had been a survival tactic, she could have told herself it meant nothing. But that wasn't it. She'd only said what she knew to be true, and for once, she couldn't bring herself to deny it.

“No...” she whimpered, dismayed at her failure to live up to her own expectations.

As she grappled with the ramifications of her circ*mstances, Viasmos flipped her over to face him, lying her on her back. “It seems like you're finally being a little bit honest with yourself. Well, you know, I always say...” He gripped her legs together and lifted them over his shoulder, then plunged back into her depths. “...Honesty is the best policy!”

“Damn you... damn you straight to hell...” She could still clap back at him, but it lacked the same energy as before. She wasn't resigned to her fate. She still pictured a future where he got his comeuppance, and by her hand. She was, however, resigned to her lack of agency. As she was now, there was no way of stopping him. He'd continue to violate her until he was finished. If she was to escape this situation, it would require outside assistance.

Her pride shattered, her mind was relatively aimless in its thoughts. She couldn't muster up the energy to plot retaliation, and she couldn't bear to consider giving in to this scumbag. Instead, she found herself focusing on the sensations of her body. She regretted acknowledging that his co*ck was particularly thick and manly. In her mind, a rapist should be much less impressive. After all, a masculine spectacle like him could pretty much have his pick of gorgeous women. Of course, that wasn't the issue for Viasmos. It wasn't that he couldn't get women unless he raped them, it was that he only wanted women by raping them.

The truth was that he identified with Scarlet quite a bit. Both of them valued their power, and both of them flaunted it wherever they could. Every action that could be conveyed through dominance was. The only real difference between them was that when it came to power, Viasmos had more of it. If Scarlet was in his position, she'd very every bit as remorseless and callous as he was. But as the indisputable victim in this struggle, she was the one who'd be forced to redefine herself. If not all at once today, then some day.

Suddenly, she felt his penis grow inside of her. “Wait, no! Don't tell me you're-”

“Sure am, bitch!”

“No! Stop! You can't do this to me!”

Viasmos snickered. “I believe I've made it clear that I can and will!”

Scarlet grunted and clenched her fists, but otherwise only steeled herself to take in the tidal wave of cum that was soon to blast into her. Though she was a woman who'd had her fair share of dalliances with men who met her standards, she'd never once allowed cum to enter her puss*. She hadn't even allowed it to stain her skin. In spite of her experience, she had no idea what to expect from this sensation.

As his ejacul*te poured into her, she found herself surprisingly taken by her feminine instincts. There was something pleasant about it, as though her body was fulfilling its function. Although she was horrified and enraged at the thought of bearing this brute's child, she also felt a rush from the insane amounts of cum sullying her. She wondered if she was getting an inkling as to how it felt to be a weak woman.

She wasn't quite ready to consider that she simply was a weak woman.

Viasmos let go of her legs and pulled outside of her. She felt so disgraced, her dress ripped, her legs spread, and cum oozing out of her puss*. She could hardly believe that a woman of her caliber had been so thoroughly oppressed. She also didn't have much time to cope with it, because Viasmos pulled her to her knees and forced his co*ck back down her throat.

Bastard! He still plans on using me?

She couldn't help but look up at Viasmos's face, who was smirking at her. Her eyebrows slanted, betraying her ire. She hated to be treated like she was so inferior. With his hand pressing into the back of her head, she hadn't the strength to defy this service. Even so, she swore deep in her heart that she would find a way to punish this scourge.

He pulled out of her mouth, and she coughed in disgust at the remnants of his cum that had gotten soaked up in her mouth. “Vermin... mark my words... I'll get you for this...”

“Oh? You can still speak all high and mighty after having gotten raped? Did you forget what you admitted earlier?”

She spit at his feet and scowled at him. “You may have violated me, but I will never submit to you! You do not own me!”

Viasmos chuckled and gripped her face. She growled, but Viasmos only found that and her smoldering face to be cute. After all, he knew that there was nothing she could do to successfully resist him.

“You've still got some spirit, huh? I guess that's to be expected, after so many years of dominating your subordinates. Hmm, how are we going to correct that?”

Viasmos let go of her and turned his back, walking away and holding his chin in contemplation. Scarlet didn't bother trying to run. They were still trapped by a moat of mako, after all. There was nowhere for her to go. Suddenly, Viasmos spun back around and snapped his fingers.

“I've got the perfect idea!”

One of the soldiers who'd been rendered unconscious by Viasmos had woken back up. The memory of what had happened was hazy to him, but it was coming back to him somewhat. He scanned around the atrium, and saw other soldiers starting to wake up, as well.

“Miss Scarlet?” he called out, doing his best to stifle the terror that was begging to come out. He couldn't imagine what punishment he and the others would be in for once she called them out for their failures.

There was no answer, however. Perhaps she wasn't here? He looked over the balcony and saw, to his shock, the wreckage of the Crimson Mare. What had happened while he and the others were out? He descended a ladder that led to the bottom floor, and ran across the bridge. He recognized this as the secondary bridge that could be deployed in case the first one collapsed, so Scarlet must have blown up the first one.

He investigated the scene of the Crimson Mare's destruction, shocked to realize that its own blade was embedded into its chest. It looked as though it had swung in from the left shoulder, and carved its way to the near-center. Was that intentional, or had something gone wrong in operating it? He felt himself quaking in fear at the thought of what the mistress would do if this was their fault.

As other soldiers began to approach, he heard some mumbling. It sounded like it was on the other side of the wreckage. He circled around to see what was going on, expecting to see other soldiers who had regained consciousness before him. However, that was not at all what he saw.

“C'mon, girl. This way. Thatta girl! Good job!”

Some man – who he was fairly certain was the same man who knocked them all out earlier – was speaking to someone on all fours as though they were a dog. That person was completely naked, save for a collar and chain that the man had her held by. He was leading her around by her chain to make her crawl alongside him.

That person was Miss Scarlet.

Other soldiers followed him around, equally shocked at the sight before them. “Damnit, stop!” she yelled. She was humiliated enough as it was, but to have her own subordinates see her like this was too much to bear.

“Oh, hey, you all woke up! Whaddya think about your boss's new look?”

“Pig! Let me go! Now!”

Unlike the soldiers, Viasmos had no fear of her, and it was plain to see. After all, why should he be afraid? The woman was completely at his mercy.

“Now now, there you go again, barking orders as though they have any weight behind them. Is this how you've treated your soldiers all this time? Heh, well...” He looked up to the group of soldiers before him. “I'm the one giving the orders now, and I run a looser ship. A little freedom is good for morale, don't you boys think? So, how about it? Want a piece?”

The mens' mouths hung agape, trying to determine if they understood what he was saying correctly.

“Filth! What do you think you're doing?”

“I'm just giving them a choice. I don't normally share my prey with men who aren't my soldiers, but I'm feeling sentimental. I feel like they deserve it, with all the sh*t you've surely put them through. But hey, if they don't want to, they don't have to. How much do they fear you really? Do they even respect you at all? I guess we'll find out.”

Many of the soldiers found the whole situation too preposterous to believe. Was this some kind of test? If they took this man up on his offer, would they be revealed for their disloyalty and subsequently punished? But that first soldier who arrived, he didn't feel that way. It was too unimaginable that somebody like Scarlet would ever exhibit themselves in such a shameful way. She was naked. She was vulnerable. She was... weak. He was very seriously considering moving forward.

“You jackals! If you lay a f*cking hand on me, you'll rue the day! Don't think you can defile me and get away with it!”

That gave him pause for just a moment. He was so used to capitulating to her that even in a scenario like this, he still thought twice before doing anything. But then something happened, something that perfectly illustrated just how little they had to fear.

Scarlet's face was squished against the floor, pressed down by Viasmos's boot. The sight of that gorgeous face with its cheeks smushed against the might of a man was more cathartic than he could have ever imagined. How many times had they been subjected to that very treatment? How many times had she stepped on them with her heels? Finally, she was the one forced into submission.

“How many times do I have to say it? You're not giving orders anymore, you whor*! They get to choose, but you don't. You'll take every single one of their dicks if that's what they go for, and you don't get a goddamn say in it.”

For as harsh as his words were, the soldiers could see he was quite enjoying himself. That smirk hadn't left his face since the moment they came around here. The first soldier had enough waiting. He ran over, hurriedly unbuckled his belt, and dropped his pants.

“No! Stop! I'm ordering you right now to – AAUUGH!”

Ignoring her completely, he thrust himself into her puss* from behind. Her screams made it all the more enjoyable to him. He'd only rarely dared to fantasize about such a role reversal. This woman, who had flaunted her wealth, flaunted her position, and used it to abuse countless, proud men... she was finally getting what was coming to her. To know that he finally got to dominate her, for once, was overwhelmingly pleasurable.

One crack was all it took for the dam to break. The other men soon came swarming over, getting in line and preparing for an order. Viasmos took his boot off of Scarlet's face. She grunted distressingly as she took the thrusts of the man who was once her subordinate. Viasmos bent down and looked her square in the face.

“Boy oh boy, looks like we're gonna be busy. How many were there I counted before? Twenty-three? And that was just in this room. I wonder how many men will wander in here from outside?”

Scarlet felt a chill run through her. Was she seriously going to be raped by every one of her subordinates? Was she going to have dozens of men slam their dicks into her? After all the abuse, insults, and shame she'd hurled their way, was it all about to come crashing right back into her?

“Well, that sure will take a long time, but good news! I ain't got anywhere to be!” He looked up at the soldier. “Hey you, she's mine now. No causing irreparable harm, and no cumming inside her. Otherwise, the only rule is to have fun!”

“Understood, sir!” the soldier responded, saluting him as he continued to rail into Scarlet.

“That goes for all the rest of you, too, got it?” he yelled out to the rest of the squadron. “Gee, I guess they don't fear you as much as you thought, huh? Once you strip away all the wealth, all the politics, all the tech that gets thrown your way, this is all you are. Just a mere woman.”

Viasmos hit the nail on the head. The only thing that kept the soldiers from retaliating against her was for fear of reprisal from those around Scarlet. The other soldiers, for instance, or from her time in Shinra, those ranked above her. But seeing her brought down to such a miserable state, they were all reminded just how easy it actually was to dominate her. She was a meager female with nothing but her connections to back up her importance. But Shinra as they once knew it was gone, and now, so was this underground business. They were far from knowing the details of Scarlet's ultimate fate, but they did know that there was nothing that made her powerful anymore. She was just like any other bitch. Viasmos knew it, and the soldiers knew it.

And on some level, Scarlet knew it, too.


She screamed into the atrium, her echo painfully appropriate. Just like her with all her pride and all her rage, her voice had nowhere to go but back to where she was. She was still too proud to acknowledge her own culpability in this. Were she not so menacing, she might be spared the cruelty of at least a few of these men. But whatever transpired to lead her into this position, there was nothing she could do to lead herself out. It was already too late. These men would rape her one after another, all day and perhaps all night, and then Viasmos would take her as his own. The once-powerful icon of Shinra's might had been reduced to a helpless sex slave.

The Inconquerable - Chapter 35 - Canorius (2024)
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