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highlighting those who put their lives on the line for our freedom. this is their top gun school one or 2 seconds. it sometimes can be difference between life and death. between life and death. go to fox nation .co >> get your first year for free when the sawdust settles in the engineg about roars. the thing you care about is the thing you care about is a job well don you get your tools from harbor freight, something about the job feels different. your wallet, whatever you do, do it for less. at harbor freight just out a little better we're still the go to for politics breaking news. we've got so much more sports entertainment lifestyle bringing you the world. according to fox, jamie, liz and brady. >> get turn to studio discussions. that is thanksgiving. i love you, america. >> oh, i'm jason chaffetz bee

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and this is a specialn edition of the "ingraham angle". >> there'sa lo been a lot of speculation but show going to dtoo is you got to stay in te race and you're going to drop ia out. what are you going to do? well, here's my answermd i am a running ain't going to win again. n, see sorry. come on. gavin seems likee oldols with joe staying in, at least for now. we'll see how he does that. tapd george stephanopoulos tonight in his taped interview to abc news, just releasing a clip. >>. ave a look >> let's start with the debate. you and your team said havbaetuy you had a bad night? but your but your friend nancym ,actually framed the question i think is on the minds of millions of americanslions o was this a bad episode with a o sign of a more serious condition? it's a bad episode. i know. in occasionally serious condition. inwas exhausted. i did less than my instinctsf in terms of preparing a bad

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night. you know, you say you were and d and know you saidh that before as well, but you came and you did have a tough month. e but came home from europe about 11 or 12 days before the debate spent six days in camp david. why wasn'tn ca that rest timeree enough recovery time? because i was sick. i was feelinry g. e matter of fact, the docs with the ask, they did a covid test for you trying figure out was wrong to do the test to see whether or not i had tes some infection, you know, a virus. i didn'tinfect. it just had a really bad cold>> and it. did you ever watch the debate afterwards? >> i don't think i did, no. well, i don't try it. what i want to geting at is. what were you experiencing as you were going through the debate? did you know how badlyow badly s going? yeah. look, the whole way i prepared t for mine. nobody saw the mine. i prepared. but i usually would do. sit down as as i did come backr

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foreign leaders orl national security counsel for exquisite detail and realizedno, partway through that, you knowd. ,i quoted the new york times, w had me down ten points before the debate, nine now or whatever the hell itct o is in a matter is that when i look at is that he also lied 28 times, i couldn't i mean,y fa the way the debate ran, not my fault. no one else's fault, no one else's. but it seemed like you werseemee having from the first question yet even before he spokee firs. >> well, i just had a bad nighte . whoa. i'll tell you, if ifsident t ths it's going to squelch the concerns about his mental and physicalsica prowess, eve that isn't going to do it. he can't evember if n if he watd a tape of his own debate, he wasn't quite sure. >> and after six plus days, this he's there at camp david taking

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all thist an rest.o and then he says, oh, he has a cold. then why did you go to the waffle house and start spreading that cold? >> everybody, this is not going to do a single thing to assuage any concerns. ncerns. but there's more airing tonight. that's just a little snippet of ire airint. >> now, biden read frombout a prompter for about 17 minutes today. >> noticeably, democratic senator tammy baldwin. she wanowhere tos to be seen ats event, this as news that theuseo dam dam is cracking house minority leader jeffries is convening a virtual meeting sunday afternoonit and withs. top committee democrats, democrat senator mark warner, fairly powerful there in the united states senate, is now pon working together, other senate democrats to potentially ask m to bow out. and democrat massachusettstsaten governor healey released a statement imploring biden toie

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rethink whether he remains the best hope for democrats. biden did cram more in beforeon 4 p.m. curfew. >> have a look at donaldwill b, i will beat him ae in 2020. i have led this nation to the depths of fantasied ths of the. depths of pandemic. lower the taxes and $35 in.[c >>he i couldn'ert ponders] and i guess i shouldn't say it. to hav by the way, i couldn'trt be prouder to have your supports . he also tested a few new strategies to attackh fearmongering along with light profanitty, trump can take out his opponents mean physically take them out, take bribes, act lead a coup, and be immune to ever being held accountable . it. and where the are we? america has been a free, democratic natio?n and i'll be dead of the year 2024. >> just two years before our our 250 day anniversary as a nation. 50thi'll let donald trump take s

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away while the 250th way anniversary attack devastating. and by the way, mr.. that is not what the supreme court decision says, but the expectations for this rally weren't exactly high. it has just been you haatind be less humiliating than his 4th of july appearances. >> i've been all over the world with. you in and out of battle. anywayed t was, i used to thinki i was a senator there were thernve thaestio on the highways. >> there's no congestion anymore. we give thanks to our commander in chief, the vice president of the unitedd states, the extraordinary president of the united states, joe biden. and, oh, happy independence day. oh, oh, . day >> merry independence day, joe.

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yeah, i got all that traffic solved. no more traffic congestioned. . the freeways, according to our president. now,ou he solved that one. even came out on the white house balcony. he with a stain on his shirt until finally his family rescued him from further e embarrassment, but maybe his much hyped radio interview. q r.d. yesterday, maybe that went better. >> i'm the first president got elected statewide in the state of delawardelawae as a kid, by e way, i'm proud to be, as ifirstl said, the first vice>> president or black woman served with a black president. u sa yeah, you saw that, right?d in you heard it right. joe biden just said it h first t interview since the debate that he was proud to be first black woman, the firste way, black woman to serve with a black president. the cour t is, by the way,blac i'm proud to be, as i said, the first vice president, firskt

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black woman to serve with a black president. he thinks he's a black woman. that's what he said. that's the president. united states in quotes thof th you can go listen to it, read it all you want. it is absolutely. that's his first interview after the debate. >> joining us now is elizabeth pepco, spokesperson for the republican national committee. >>elizabhere i elizabeth, there. i mean, these are just the scripted event ones are the ones that he's practiced for. these are the ones he's prepared for. i don't know how the trump administration or the trump whmp or the rnc or the how do you respond to somebodye who claims to be the first black woman to serve with aent? black president? >> look, nothing really prepares you for that. right. i was listening to your intro herying no l to laugh. honestly, my heart goes out notr just to joe biden, who is

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clearly not fit for this job or her running for president. >> my heart goesmy to theey are american people, right? i mean, they're watching this, learning that they've been liegd to for nearly four years now by this administration, by joe biden and by democrat leaders. a they're learning, but they're actually not the priority. not eright the next four months. know that the only priority is going to be beating donalonlv trump, serving the american people. and i think that it's time that they wake up. right. it's time that we've used this as a lesson. and th it a ale american realize that they deserve so much better than this. obviously, votinr thang for to president trump is the first way to reverse this in november. but i think realizinrsg that the power belongs to the people and not to those in power who have literally been lying to the american people for o nearly four years now about who has been in charge of this white house anhitehaved have soy things to answer for. >>answer elizabeth, we saw a sht clip from the george stephanopoulos interview saw onc . what's your reaction to what the president said there? because he wasn't quit inte sure whether or not he had watched a replay of the debate or not a hard hittingr not. question. >> i don't even know what's

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worse. not being sure if you watched it yourself in the replay or having to sit front of theat american public and say that you performed the way that you did because you had a or because you were tired, i'd like to imagine him sitting face to face with the families of the americans still held hostage in gaza. now, for erican nearly nine months, and telling them that he's tired. right. i mean, it's absolutely disgracefugaza.l. it is the opposite of what we deserve as a country. and i cannot imagine we wherethe the democrats go from here. they've backed themselves up in quite a corne quiter and the. i don't think, have anywhere to go from here. ason: >> elizabeth, thank you forelin joining us tonight on the angeir wrangle. >> do appreciate it. has the president had an ay feb medical exams since his last annual physical in february and we were able to talk to his doctor that and that is a no. >> he hasn't had any kind of medical exam. medi cg pe cut in lie. i think it was terrible matter

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of fact the docs with me asking they did a covid test for you trying to figure out what'is wrong to did a test to see whether or not i hadether d some infection you know,i just h a virus. i didn't. it just had a really bad i don't know if you can believe anything that karine jean-pierre has to say. remember happened back in 2022 when biden state congresswoman jackie walorskongresi, who hadsd recently passed away k gp to bel transparent about it. >> i think all of you here, i d' jackie, you hear, where's jackie? shen'i think she was going to e here. >> can you explain where the mistake was made? did the president waste the president confused? was something written in the telepromptern in t he didn't recognize that had been the case. i would have stated that you'd be prepared to release the prepared remarks that the president had in the mber 0teleprompters just so we n understand. >>ul'm not understanding why why that would be would be necessary. w we

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>> good question from that. reporter but now we know the ofg the story, according to reporting from axios, quote f ,biden's prepared remarks included a note that walorsk nik recently passed away and thanked her for her contribution r s to people familiar with this speech. told axios he either ignored the teleprompter or had trouble reading its he. the most shocking details camed from new reportingto from new york magazine. waote, longtime friends of the biden family who spoke to the author on the condition of anonymitythat, were shocked to find that the president did not remember their names. and one guest at a white house event last year quote recalled with horror that the president would not be able to stay for the reception because it clear he would not be able to make it through the reception, end quote. amazi >> said it amazingng how suddens all these sources are coming up and they're suddenly availablemd

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to the media. >> they just happened to be reporting them. now as opposed to when they were actually happening. >> joining me noofw, schoen,s dg democratic pollster and strategist and former advisenr to clinton.on doug, you're a straight shooter. .you are i love interviewing yo. talking to you because i know you're a democrat. ow you a accuryou got rich herie working for president clintoclie >> but the lies that have been told time and, time and timee we again, i mean, how are we to believeo what democratsg the are telling the american people? >> welam l, i don't think we can take joe biden at face value.s o i believe, jason, at the very minimum, he has to do a cognitive test right away, independent doctors and release it. i also thinke he take donald trump and his campaign up on hiss invitation to debate ay time. if joe biden wantsy time to proo that he is up to the job,e job. he should debate trump in nex

1:14 am

the next week or so. as trump has offered do. that i think barring that, the movement that i hear in your reporting coming on on capitol hill and democraticer donors will inexorably lead to his withdrawal. >> yeah, i think it's questiona of how and when they do thiswhen joe n and hunter biden, they seem to be at his side at every reporting coming out. hunter biden is joining them at on telephone calls. >> that doesn't give me a whole loon telep that confidence on ty the white house is actually being run at the momentrun at t m. >> gives me less confidence. i don't believe someone with hunter biden's ongoinge legal problems and conviction should be anywhere nearha the president of the united states. i also believe that the kind of gaffes biden is making and, his indecision and uncertainty

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makes it very clear he should get out quickly. we democrats need an open transparent mini primary in that the best man o wins,r wn wins it. will it create excitement, the electorate? it will galvanize a conventionya into a real process. and it's really the only wayty party can have a new candidate with a new message. >> jason doug schoen, thank you so muchho for joining us. >> i do appreciate it. all right. speaking of cognitive tests, even cnn's top doctor thinkss joe bideone.n needs one. >> that's coming up next. >> before revolution, before america, before destiny came calling, it was george. >> you have ambitions. i have pride, sir. >> a pioneer, a soldier, a leader on the rise.

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how smile train is supporting the cleft community with lifelong smiles. donald trump very proud of his ability to pass that cognitive test, saying that no one else could have possibly done it at that time. >> he said his doctors were amazin couldg that he could recl words and recite the back proof. he said that hs quote,e was, qu, cognitively there. >> trump remains obsessed with provingump he's more mente fit than president biden. >> it's not an algebra test. it's a screen.>>n for four ford. cognitive decline. and again this is only an issue because trump is making it an issue in the campaign. >> the liberal media mocking. >> but look at what they want now for biden, the question

1:21 am

really being raised is have we been looking at episodesdesort intermittent episodes or is this reflective of some sor t of deeper underlying condition? if he were my patient, if he wertient, i e my dad, frankly, i would want to get more testing done, cognitivet di testing and more detailed basiment disorder testinsog. you've heard about these cognitive tests. it's basically a blunt screening toola blt screto try y and figure out, is there something to be more concerned about? we tolpresidene presis had that done twice. >> and the abc interview offers some evidence. joe. well, he might not pass test. >> do you ever watch the debate afterwards? . >> i don't think i did. now. joining us now is dr. ben carson. possible vice presidential pick and former trump hud secretary. and ud secrei, retired neurosurgeon. all right, dr. carson, what's you're pretty darn smart on this stuff. you got their credentials.

1:22 am

you see what's going on with joe biden. what's your take on what's happening? is well, it's almost funny becausem the mainstream media are actually greated revelation after the debate. you knowlf and, my and many oths have been talking about this condition that he'r years had fs years now. and there's been plenty of evidence that he itwhere yo and we're in a situation nowt co where you think about this. what if you had built this great companyou havey, you had so hard, your family had worked hard the, would you turn it over to him to be the ceo? i think most people would. wed yet we're asking him to be presceo, our country. and, you know, presidents are chosen because of their cognitive skills, not in spite of them. and in fact, it's very easyoint. to do a cognitive test. it's very, very simple. and it's part a completeav physical examination. so they say that they've releasedis his medical records,

1:23 am

but the release that. so today on cnn, brian stelter made this argument about the biden interview. >> have a look. lmos astoundingly, jim, the white house is almost portraying this as a cognitive test, like it's some sort of televised m doctor's appointment. it is both. the most important interview of the interview was careeosr. u stephanopoulos but most importantly for biden, as you said, his presidencylot biden. v the line here. and yet at the same timeie, it's only one interview. it's not nearly enough compared to what biden has to do. >> more broadly. doctor, president trump just w yesterday said that he was the first black womarst blacn te with a black president and a. television set with biden. >> yeah, and it' certas it certl could not have been. it certainly doesn't replace a true cognitive testit administered by a doctor.

1:24 am

>> now, clearly, clearly, itd to doesn't. but isn't it interesting that the debatthe bie was suppol to be the big thing and if he did well in that great. y wasand he did poorly on it, that was the end of it. now it's thi wits interviewl be with stephanopoulos. and then after he flubs that it will be somethin sg. the goal line just keeps moving. but it's verr y to anybody who has any observations skillst that the man is not completely worth it and it's not his fault. it. to peop happens to people, t is the fault of people who try to cover it upizing th, recognig that they're endangering the lives of theentire nation.y >> yeah, i remember wheni they decided to put the staff all around the president when he walks up the shor s outt stah out to marine one. so they couldn't see the way he was shuffling. drhe was shuffli. carson, thanka for joining us on the anchor >>. d shou i believe the president is dangerousldd and should nots hold office one day longer the quickeste and effective way

1:25 am

in remove this president from would be for the vicevo t president to immediatelyhe invoe the 25th amendment. >> i joined the senate prmocratic leader in callingn the vice president to remove this president. i immediatelesmmediatey the 25th amendment. s out, so where are those democrats gone? even if biden drops, he still hn has five more months plus wher e he's in the driver's seat. >> joining us now is mike davis article freear project president and former gorsuch clerk. ., whatmike what's your latest perspective on what in the world is going on right now? ga, i think the democrats have ad big legal political and financial problem on their hands. they can't get ridn of joe biden even though he's not capable of doing out the job. they're out there saying that he shouldn't be the nominee becaus.e he's notr mentally fit. but -- but he's going to be the president for the next, whatsipoliti, five or six month? this. b but politically, they can't get rid of him because the next

1:26 am

in line is kamala harris. are they going to skip oveerey the first black and first female vice presidents because u they know that kamala harris will get destroyed by presidenmj trump on november 5th, 2024? they can'tus just take the $200g billion that president biden has in his campaign and give it to anyone else other than kamala harris. and they're past filinne the fig deadlines in many states.ctive. >> mike, i wish i hadprecia more time. i always appreciate your perspectivete it. . i really do appreciate it. all right. stay with us, because coming up, donaldthe offens trump goino on the offense and issues. >> a new challengejo, joe biden after the president's debate debacle. >> coming up nex t next, whether you're in your forties, 50 or 60 years and beyond, i know you're seeing changes in the skin on your body. don't panic. it's never too late to transform yourself and your skin and creeper is here to do just that.

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trump's done staying quietin about the debate now callingh for a no holds barred rematch on truth seltzerp also. out. >> trump also caught on camera allling biden out. >> anything to do with the debate the other night? makel n pi o it all broken down? of . yeah, it's a bad guy. he jus i ht, you know, he's quite into us. is that right? yeah. i got him out of the race.s and that means we have kamala. i think she's going to be better . >>e's so bad, so pathetic. si don't raise issues of so i just can't imagine. can you imagine that guy would >> dealing with putin and the president? >> china. joining me now, outkicon: joinkt tomi lahren. tomi is trump making the right moves going on offense or should he just king on od of bak and watch biden's implosion? . >> you actually took the words right out of my mouth, jason.t o so one of the most wonderful parts about donald trump's debate a couple of weeks ago or

1:33 am

i guess a week ago is that sho he showed incredible restraint. he just sat there. he answered his own questions. he let joe implode on his own. and it was quite evident to thre american he needs to continue with that. i know he wants to throw punchewant punchs, know he wante advantage of the opportunity to kick his opponent while re his opponent opponent is down. but the american people are looking at donald trump right no at bideey arew aw looking at joe biden and they're looking at donald trump's policies and they liket what they saw, they want that back. but a lot of people are still nervouchr an bess about, his character and his personality. >> so the best thing that he can do restr is show incredible restraint, acting credibly presidential, whicjoh. ough well, and let the democrat party go through the chaos that it's goinald trumg through the best thing for donald trump is to sit back and to watch resis and to resiston and fight every urging his bod y to on attack mode. he needs to sit back and relax t and sit this one out. >> well, we're jush*t seeing tommy. s i want you to react to it. after seeing biden'sip

1:34 am

abc news clip, pollster nate silver just tweeted ou qt, quot, i wimped out in today's column and deleted a line saying he should formulate a plan to transition the to harris within 30 to 60 days. but i'm there now. somethin clearlyg is clearly wre and quote tommy, what's your reaction? what nate silver, i mean he said he's a dyed in the woo l democratic, you know, superstar over there. >> and even saying this now, after just a two minute clip, we will watch the rest of thn et clip. >> right. well, you can't puhet the genie back in the bottle when you had the mainstream media and so manye bott hit the panic buttone that debate performance. i don't knowcrats hi how. they recover from that. i know that joe biden is going to hold on kickingver. b and screaming. and probably even more than that, jill biden is going to hold on kickingid and, thi screaming. >> but i just don't know how you undo this. i th this nothow you puts tog all back together. i think that it's gone so far. there's so many notablab eyou ca democrats that are in panic

1:35 am

mode. and i don't think that you can ease concernn ones. r it's one thing for conservatives and republicans to say something's not bu. t hereere. but when you have the exodus of democrats leavingcrat, joe biden's side, i just don't know how you fix that. and this interview tonight , o look boy, if that was 2 minutes, i don't know what the rest of it's going to look like. and, you kno.w if gw we don't en know if we're going to get the unedited version, maybe be the version is even worse. well, i know for a long time, tommy, you and i both predicted would not be the nominee. and we'll see what happens. but it doesn't loo othisk good . this friday night after the 4th of july. thank you so much for joinin comingg. us. all right. coming up, the media finally covering biden's declinebuatk t but what took them so long? we're going to expose them coming up next. >> this independence day, fox nation would like to thank

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and duckduckgo lets you browse like chrome, but it blocks cooi and creepy ads that follow youa from google and other companie. and there's no catch. it's fre. we make money from ads, but they don't follow you aroud join the millions of people taking back their privacy by downloading duckduckgo on all your devices today. >> move with us at moving day walk, dawg. >> it's about me now. it's above joe biden now. don't care about joe biden's age infirmity that he shuffle when you walk. i don't care. he could be seated for the rest of from now until election day and never get up off a chair. he can sit down. he can roll around in a in a wheelchair. he could be on a skateboard, seated. i don't care, donald. john trump cannot allowed back into the white house. the liberal media is in a meltdown over biden. if you thought joy reid's last

1:41 am

tiktok was wild. she's now pushing it even further. >> just let me know when you guys are finished figuring it out. democrats, because i know you all the freak people going to freak out, have your conversation, and then me know who i got to vote for to keep hitler out. the white house. if it's biden in a coma, i'm a vote for biden in a coma. i don't even really particularly like the guy. i love his policy. i don't like him. he's not donald trump. right? yeah. hitler, white house. we keep an keep it project 2025 out. that's all i care about up and down the ballot from. >> the rudy to the tudor school board all the way up to white house and everything in between . >> nothing says protecting democracy like pushing people to vote for a comatose president. while some in the liberal media are doubling down on wildly inappropriate rhetoric, more reasonable members are having a hard time up the facade. the latest cover of the economist going for the jugular showing the presidential seal

1:42 am

with a walker. >> i watched the debate like millions of americans and was shocked shocked to see a saddled old man struggling to recall words and facts. unfortunately, and this is brutally true. the passage of time goes one way and the impact on mental acuity really only goes one way. and i think that's the reason that we were we wrote what we did, which was which was pretty tough. i and that's because this is the toughest job in the world. and can't run the presidency on autocue. >> "the washington post" editorial board fantasizing about how biden could drop out, offering a mock resignation speech. >> the associated press, on the other hand, still clinging to their protect biden at cost model with this headline biden at 81, often sharp and focused, but sometimes confused and forgetful. >> joining me now is sean,

1:43 am

co-host of fox business is the bottom line an all around good guy and a fox news contributor? all right. we've been at these rodeos many times before. i've seen up close and personal how the media has protected biden, the democrats in general. but now suddenly they've sources. >> suddenly they're curious. what's your take on what's going on? >> i think it's interesting that you have these these these liberals come out on tv and say we are shocked. we saw this debate and we had no idea. they don't tell you they haven't watched fox news because we've been airing the clips of joe biden and failing for the last two or three years. and it has been progressively worse. but i look at joy reid. i thought she was great. know, she said what all these liberals in the media actually believe, she put it into words. >> and that's what 30% of america, you can't win with a corpse and 30% of the vote. you got to win 50 plus one. and they can't do that with joe biden. and so i think the question,

1:44 am

jason, is who actually set the dogs loose? well, who was it was and i had to believe that it was barack obama said, okay listen, he can't do it. you guys have your way with them. let's take we've got three weeks. let's take him out and let's find another candidate. >> yeah. at some point we'll figure out why did they actually agree to a debate in june? >> that's the big mystery out there. but let's go to this. i want to show you this clip. and i got just such a short amount of time. so joe scarborough tried to sell viewers on biden's staying in the race this morning. >> watch this clip and then react to it after he plays. please, republicans, please. right-wing media outlets, spare us your moral indignation over a man who had a really, really terrible debate, but a man who's been the most effective over the past three and a half years, the most effective president in passing bipartisan legislation this century, the most effective president,

1:45 am

and strengthening the dollar. >> over the past 50 years. sean, you got to answer this because i'm just still laughing that. >> so joe biden has an approval rating of 35%, 75% of americans think the country is going in the wrong direction. i think joe biden can pull it off. if the policies were good, inflation wasn't sky, the border was secure, foreign policy was working. but when all of his have failed and he can't do the job cognitively, that's what americans go. huh? but by the way, jason, we want to keep joe biden in the race. we don't want joe biden to go anywhere. we want to now play the democrat role to go, you know what? this guy is great. you don't want a new candidate. keep joe where he's at. because, listen, he's i mean, he's a shell of the man he used to be and he can't make the argument. and listen, i it's going to usher in a new set of policies with donald trump. >> yeah. it's just too scary. another seven months, let alone four more years of don't get this right. all right, john duffy, thanks

1:46 am

for joining us. >> i do appreciate it. but then when you tell people that joe biden is not going to win that joe biden is infirmed in some way, that joe biden has. right. and then it turns out none of that is true. and you've been exposed. >> then what do you have if you're going to attack him as being mentally unfit? you got to deal with a scalpel, a scalpel. you can't do it with a hammer and tongs. and that's all the trump people know is how to beat things over the to death. >> he and his campaign have put out these videos to supportively cut and on twitter to say that biden is senile and voters aren't buying him. yeah, those are cheap fakes, right remember when the liberal media tried to shame is for daring to question biden's mental fitness. they also blatantly the signs like when he skipped the traditional super bowl interview or even worse, their extensive role in dismissing the her report

1:47 am

about her has gone to the hill with this highly controversial report that the white house said that i think a lot of folks, not even just democrats, say was filled with just, you know, out of school commentary about president biden's mental acuity. do you think, robert? >> her went too far. it sounds like it's felt to me like he took some swings that he really didn't to take. >> special counsel robert hur, the self-declared republican prosecutor who threw in gratuitous personal critiques of president biden's memory and age like an amateur neurologist, charles c.w. cook put it best, saying, if you're looking for a broader takeaway from all this, take how the press covered up biden's infirmity, because it wanted to protect the democrats and apply apply it literally every single thing that it does on any topic in any year, in any circ*mstance for ever. >> joining me now is julian epstein, democratic consultant

1:48 am

and former democratic chief counsel for, the house judiciary committee. >> thanks for joining us today. you know, there's some of us there really do believe you have to release that her tape. it's one thing to have a transcript, but it's another thing particularly in the case of the president to actually hear the audio. what's your take on everything that's going on and particularly the release of the her audio tapes? >> well, jason, good evening. thanks for having me with you. look, i think if the justice department wants to stop the her tape, got to make a good assertion as to what the legitimate interest is and. i don't think they've done that. you know, to your earlier point about the news media here, i think democrats are making the argument that they are the protectors, democracy, but they have been engaged, in my opinion, in a massive cover up and a lie to the public about. joe biden's mental capacity. and they've been enabled in large part by a news media that has become a very activist, liberal activist, and have decided put

1:49 am

their thumbs on the scale of the candidate they like and what that translates to. at the end of the day, jason, is a gross a gross disobey to their readers and their viewers and the news media. and on the part of the democrats, a gross disservice to their voters because now the democrats are in this completely horrible position of having to defend the indefensible bill, this candidacy is on life support, in my opinion. but this is a this is a disaster of the democrats making that have been enabled by a partisan media that has forgotten its role as independent check on power. >> well, julian, is what i appreciate about what you're doing is you're taking the principle and saying, look, it's just wrong. they have a role to play and they just don't equally it. watch this quick clip here on how hard they've been pressing biden with their questions to the

1:50 am

chocolate chocolate chip firm compared to what they can. i mean, we heard a lot more questions about, his flavor of ice cream than we did than any other serious thing. not like sam donaldson or brit hume did back in the day. president on unserious questions. >> yeah, look, i think, as i said, i think the lies that the party have made about the president. the democratic party been a crime against its voters. i think the fact that the news media is not asked the tough questions is an incredible disservice to the people that view them and read their copy. look, there's an easy way to updating this conversation as well, jason. if the news media were really doing its job right now, they would ask one question and they would insist on this one question. and that question is this will the president agree to go before the country in a primetime conference?

1:51 am

and if he can handle that, then maybe he through this. but if he can't handle that, then he certainly cannot handle the role of the commander in chief. i mean, if you think about the white house putting out this information that he's only available from 10 p.m., 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. i mean, i can't understand the stupidity of that. i mean, that is an invitation to hamas or any other adversary to attack after 4 p.m. in the afternoon, 11 p.m. i mean, the poor way in which is handled, you sort of can't count the mistakes that's been made. but again, as i say, i think this is all performative now. i think biden will opt of this . >> i don't think there's any way he survives this. yeah, last time joe biden did a solo press conference, solo press conference, november of 2023. and there's a reason for you bring up a very good point. julian, thank you so much for joining us. all right. coming up, kamala harris is being floated as a biden, but is she part of the cover up

1:52 am

? >> that's coming up next. we did it. we did it. joe, you're going to be the next president of the united states. >> whether you are in your forties, fifties or sixties and beyond, i know you're seeing changes in the skin on your body. don't panic. it's never too late to transform yourself and your skin. and creperie is here to do just that. race has been delivering smoother, firmer, younger looking for almost a decade. did you know that creperie is america's number one selling anti-aging body treatments system for dry, crabby skin? that's because it works, people. the crepe erase two-step system is clinically shown to creepy looking skin the very first time you use it. i just love my skin. >> i didn't love it before. i love it now. and now there's big news. we're introducing the skin revitalizing tool, specially designed to amplify the power

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1:57 am

we'll get it done for the republican national convention. >> live from milwaukee, democracy 24, your freedom, your vote. >> some democrats are already looking ahead to ame democ worle kamala harris sits atop the ticket, stoking more questions atop about, her future and also about who could serve as her vp if there on ,in fact, a change on the ticket talk. in many top democratic circleswa already moved to who kamala harris would choose as a runnin harri g mate. >> the kamala push is in full swing. a new report says her donorse are now privately strategizingno case biden does drop out. this has questions emerget about what she knew about biden's infirmity. >> if there ever is a problem. yeah. do you thinkyo that you could go tell the american public? do you think in rolen to that you're that you're in a position to do that? that? of course, if necessary. but there'nos no need for that.

1:58 am

the way that the president's demeanor in that report wasized characterized could not be more wrong on the facts. >> and clearlys, a a politically s. iated, gratuitou >> wow. joining me now is horace cooper, senior fellow with thepc national center for public policy and project 21, chairma2n all right. >> is she in on it? is she in part of the cover upwy ? >> what's your take on it? if she's par?she't of cover up and she knows the truth, she's been lying to th beee american. if she's not in on the cover upe and sh ye actually can claim to be vice president and work with this guy y and saw any m of this, it means she's completelyns of the loop and certainly isn't ready to stand for in for him. >> yeah. i mean, you make up make a verya good point. here is what she in the rooms vi was she having the daily interactions or not and that that'sly

1:59 am

the seminal question for her. >> she can't have it both ways . . absolutely. 's a s that have this declining mental capacity and the vice president comesesin out and make statements that build a misimpressiont buil with the american people. what while it's eitherle obviously a lie that she knew,sr which makes her inappropriate to take the position, having lied to the american people or ieople, oifft of the loop. she's not involved. she's not engageengaged. now can she be ready to stand in on a moment's to maket ha critical decisions? this you can'tve have it both i ways. and this is where the failins g democrats policy, it's upside down. she had two major tasks the border theer and a i and shd nothing with those. e's no she's not willing to putt the effort in. she's not willin studyg to.p roe she's not willing to try to take a leadership rolde ifd o she thinks that things ought to be handed to her.

2:00 am

and you know, wh y? because she's a the appointment. yot take one of those senior positions in our governmentgo t and give it to ai person. >> that's right. >> it's identity politics over competency. i think america wants right now. they want competency . on. and that is not how she got into that position. she has not delivered. she delivers world word zealots. yeah. horacei sh i, i wish i could. keep chatting, but that's all i can do tonight. thank yoi want to thank you agar joining us. i'm jason chaffetzm . >> is been in forav laura ingraham. i hope you have a chancee in to find out who's really te running the country in the white house. i . check ave a chancehouse. check out my book. it was called the puppeteers, the people who control the people who control america. there's a reason why i wrote this a. it was evident a long time ago. thanks for watching. laura is back mondaytomorrow.

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