Is Jay Siltzer Married (2024)

1. Jay and Malachi Siltzer: A study in faith, fun and love - Citizen Times

  • 3 sep 2016 · In 2000, Jay married Kelly McKeown. a vibrant blonde. Nine years later, Kelly and Jay adopted Malachi from Ethiopia, a year after the boy's ...

  • When I'm tempted to complain about life, I think of Jay Siltzer, his wife, Kelly, and their son, Malachi.

2. Longtime WLOS news anchor Jay Siltzer retiring at end of May

  • 5 mei 2023 · Longtime news anchor and former meteorologist Jay Siltzer announced his retirement from WLOS on the morning broadcast of May 2.

  • Longtime WLOS news anchor and meteorologist Jay Siltzer announced on May 2 that he is retiring at the end of May.

3. Jay Siltzer: Cancer Survivor Loses Wife and 8-Year-Old Son to Cancer

4. Amazing Faith! Cancer Claimed His Wife and Son But This Man Still ...

  • 8 sep 2016 · Siltzer, a cancer survivor himself, faced the death of his wife, Kelly in 2014 and on Tuesday attended a memorial mass for his eight-year old ...

  • A mother, father and son all struck by cancer. Now Jay Siltzer is left with the memory of his son and wife, but continues to put his faith in God. 

5. Amy Matsil - Great Neck South Class of 1972

  • So, at the age of 20, I married Jay Seltzer. Two years later I graduated from Hofstra and began my insurance career in Hollis, Queens working for Allstate. Jay ...

  • Great Neck South Class of 1972 Alumni events, forums, biographies, yearbook

6. News 13 & other local community members say farewell to Jay Siltzer

  • 31 mei 2023 · ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — Since 1999, Jay Siltzer has been a staple of the WLOS family. After 30 years in the news business, Jay signed off ...

  • News 13's Jay Siltzer signs off for the last time.

7. Jay Siltzer Facebook, Instagram & Twitter on PeekYou

  • Jay Siltzer lives in Canton, NC. He has worked for Sports Director, Wlos-tv and Wlos-tv - Haywood County Bureau. His work experience includes positions as ...

  • Looking for Jay Siltzer? Found 1 person named Jay Siltzer along with free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles on PeekYou - true people search.

8. Tsirara Image Urine Matan Indonosia - CASEKODRA

  • Jay Seltzer and Jose Poloni for sharing these images. Stones in the urinary ... Marriage through the Prohibition of Adultery. Jan 28 2024 · Cloudiness is ...

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Is Jay Siltzer Married (2024)


Did Jay Siltzer ever get married? ›

Again, he underwent surgery and radiation, as well as chemotherapy, this time with great results. Today, he remains cancer free. In 2000, Jay married Kelly McKeown. a vibrant blonde.

What happened to Jay Siltzer's wife and son? ›

They married in 2000 and spent five years trying to have kids until they finally adopted 1-year-old Malachi from Ethiopia. Sadly, in 2011, when Malachi was just 3, Kelly was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of leukemia. She died in 2014.

Is Jay Siltzer leaving WLOS? ›

Last year, something truly unforgettable happened in the News 13 studio when meteorologist Jay Siltzer announced his retirement. Every WLOS morning weather forecaster since 1959 gathered and shared memories of their times at the station and to wish Siltzer a fond farewell.

Where is Jay Siltzer going to teach? ›

Jay Siltzer, who retired from WLOS after working there for 24 years as a news anchor and meteorologist, is the communications director at Immaculata Catholic School in Hendersonville.

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